Moringa Spagyric


Experience the Potency of Our Moringa Concentrate

Our Moringa concentrate, created using the ancient process of Spagyric Alchemy, offers specific benefits. This unique method separates, purifies, and recombines the elements of the Moringa plant, preserving its life force and intelligence.

The Unique Process of Spagyric Alchemy

This method involves separating, purifying, and recombining the elements of the Moringa plant, all while preserving its life force and intelligence. The leaves of the Moringa tree are distilled in pure grain alcohol over a period of two months, resulting in a powerful concentrate that encapsulates the numerous benefits of Moringa.To learn more about moringa  spagyric click here

Supporting the Immune System

We recommend our Moringa concentrate particularly for supporting the immune system. It proves especially beneficial during travel or when in contact with large groups of people. For More information on Moringa's traditional uses and benefits click here

Recommended Usage

We suggest using 5-10 sprays or drops of our concentrate, twice daily or as needed. You can spray it into living liquid like kombucha, or drink water after spraying or dropping it orally on top of the tongue. For children, we recommend applying it to the inside of their wrists.

Quality Ingredients

Our concentrate includes Pure Grain Alcohol and Dried, Purified Moringa Plant Body sourced from our select Moringa trees. This composition ensures a high-quality product made with care and precision.

In conclusion, our Moringa concentrate provides a unique and potent way to enjoy the benefits of Moringa. Whether you aim to support your immune system or simply want to incorporate more natural products into your routine, our Moringa concentrate makes a great choice.

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Weight4 oz

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3 reviews for Moringa Spagyric

  1. Anonymous

    I recommend this product
    This product, to me, is the most amazing way in which to get all these vitamins in you in 5 easy sprays. The flavor in this tincture is quite easy to swallow. I am already full of energy so I am mostly after the consumption of the health of this product.

  2. Anonymous

    I recommend this product
    Great Moringa product
    I keep this handy in my purse and at home and use it a couple times a day or as needed. I’m convinced that it helps me stay well. I can’t remember the last time I even had a cold. Was a little disappointed to see that the price went up however 🙂

  3. Judee A.

    I recommend this product
    Convenient Moringa choice
    This is an effective product, and I imagine more potent, however I do prefer the previous liquid that I could carry in my purse and use as needed during the day. This product burns terribly without water and I can’t use it by itself.

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