Moringa for Life is a family operated business which has been one of the original pioneers in the Moringa industry for the past 20 years. We are committed to creating the highest quality products for our consumers and inspiring worldwide shifts toward sustainability through our Moringa education programs. At Moringa For Life we focus on high hands, low tech. By that we mean to have our hands in contact with each phase of production from planting seeds and harvest, to packaging the products, to the face to face contact with the consumer. We believe it takes the human hand to heal the human heart.



More than 20 years ago, I began looking for one plant that I could grow that would have the most amount of nutrition. I researched seed catalogs, botanical libraries, nutrition books, health books. When I came across the Moringa Tree, there was virtually no information about it. There were 4 websites with information about Moringa. I bought a few seed from a catalog and planted it in my greenhouse. A month later when I had time again to devote to my search, I found that plants had grown out of control. The thin trees had grown up and around the top curve of the greenhouse and had come all the way back down to the ground. I was amazed how fast they had grown. The color of green was so vibrant and lush. I fell in love with that color and the beautiful graceful leaf pattern. This tree has inspired me to share its medicine with the world. I have now been growing Moringa and making products out of the various parts of the tree for the past 20 years.

From left – Lindsey, Makenzie, Mariko, Jensen


Mariko talks about her Moringa journey