Feeding and Healing Our World


• Identify your personal Moringa Journey – what is at the heart?

• How your personal Moringa Journey informs your projects trajectory & success

• Clarify your Moringa Vision- A clear intention moves you forward

• Clarity clears hidden blockages & brings new insights

• Open to the World Wide Moringa Movement & opportunities

Moringa Vision Quest

6 Steps of the Moringa Vision Quest

The Moringa Vision is the essential part of any Moringa journey, large or small. Through my own life’s work, I can see the Moringa path for each person and guide them through any obstacle.

1. Getting Clarity sets the stage for success like no other single element.
2. Guiding toward being “All In” Once this happens then Providence moves in your favor
3. Recognizing when an opportunity is a lesson for more clarity or a Trojan Horse.
4. The path opens and you see the precise steps
5. Your inner guide is revealed, which you will recognize. It has been with you your whole life preparing you for this journey.
6. The Moringa Action will culminate your path even more.

Our entire network of students and Moringa enthusiasts form the Moringa Field as all our Moringa Visions merge and mingle, creating intersections. Your path opens even more. Opportunities and connections delight you. Flow begins, precision forms, calm, clarity and confidence grows and blossoms. You increase your endurance for Joy.

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