Below is a brief overview of what can be included in your customized consulting journey. Together we will discuss which direction best suits you and from there the specifications will be determined.


• Identify your personal Moringa Journey – what is at the heart?
• How your personal Moringa Journey informs your projects trajectory & success
• Clarify your Moringa Vision- A clear intention moves you forward
• Clarity clears hidden blockages & brings new insights
• Open to the World Wide Moringa Movement & opportunities

Moringa Vision Quest

6 Steps of the Moringa Vision Quest

The Moringa Vision is the essential part of any Moringa journey, large or small. Through my own life’s work, I can see the Moringa path for each person and guide them through any obstacle.

1. Getting Clarity sets the stage for success like no other single element.
2. Guiding toward being “All In” Once this happens then Providence moves in your
3. Recognizing when an opportunity is a lesson for more clarity or a Trojan Horse.
4. The path opens and you see the precise steps
5. Your inner guide is revealed, which you will recognize. It has been with you your
whole life preparing you for this journey.
6. The Moringa Action will culminate your path even more.

Our entire network of students and Moringa enthusiasts form the Moringa Field as all our Moringa Visions merge and mingle, creating intersections. Your path opens even more. Opportunities and connections delight you. Flow begins, precision forms, calm, clarity and confidence grows and blossoms. You increase your endurance for Joy.

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• Market research- local & global markets.
•Product development/ improvement.
• Moringa business plan – long term success.
• Access to 24 year established worldwide Moringa network

What my students say

The course structure is well set up. I got to meet a group of amazing people, whom I am very excited to journey with. Teachers are caring, kind and very helpful. I really loved the flexibility of our teacher, Mariko Gifford. I enjoyed all the topics provided weekly and the presentations and assignments were really helpful as they persuaded me to work hard and get as much knowledge as I can. I highly recommend this amazing course because it is very educational.
The course content far exceeded my expectations - we learnt so many things in such a short space of time including permaculture & soil biology and how these fit into Mariko's 'Moringa Protocol' for growing the highest quality, most nutritious Moringa on the planet. On top of this, Mariko was available for one-on-one sessions with each course participant as well as holding weekly Zoom calls with all the students where we discussed the previous week's course material & got to know each other. A highlight was meeting so many lovely people from all over the world & sharing our new found reverence for this miracle tree.
Nikoletta S.
I found the course very exciting and interesting.The resources were excellent and very user friendly.(except the Bee Queen?) As it unfolded the worksheets made me go back and read and get ready for the Quiz. The updates with Mariko and the other students were great fun as we got to know each other.You connected the world with love of moringa. Mariko you too with your family have brought light in to my life at a time I felt I had to find a new way in a bit of a haze I was in.(Because I had lost my husband of 40 years and all my three children were away abroad and they could not come home due to COVID19.) I believe we can help change the way people look at themselves and the plants and other living beings.
Arundathi K.
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