Frequently Asked Questions About Moringa, The Miracle Tree

What is Moringa?
Moringa Oleifera, is a tree native to India. It has the most nutrition in the leaf than any other
plant yet tested. It has been used in many cultures for more than 2,000 years. The main uses
include, nutrition for women and children, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver issues (it is a tonic
for the liver), inflammation, low energy, and a whole host of health issues. The list continues to

How do you use Moringa?
The leaf powder is used as a tea or added to food like a smoothie or green drink. It can be
added to your water bottle to drink throughout the day. You can add it to anything you are eating
to increase the nutritional value of it. Ours is a raw product so if you want it to remain so, do not
add it to cooked food or boiling water. Add to any dish before serving.

How much should I take per day?
Most people start with a teaspoon per day for the first week. If you are taking it for diabetes or
high blood pressure, you can check those at the end of the week and determine if you want to
take more. Add another teaspoon per day for another week and check again. This way you
come to your own dosage.
What will it do for me?
Most people feel an increase of calm and centered energy throughout the day with less fatigue
at the end of the day. Athletes, use it for building endurance. It is very nourishing for the body,
so many people use it for weight loss with no side effects.

What side effects are there?
Moringa is very cleansing as well, so if one starts with too much, you may experience a detox
effect, a cleaning of the digestion system. Those who are using if precisely for a detox would
consider this a benefit and not a side effect. So if you are having these effects and don’t want
them, cut back by half of what you are taking and progress slowly, adding more at a slower

Why haven’t I heard about Moringa before?
This is still a mystery to us. We have not found Moringa listed in the main herb or Materica
Medicas, botanical libraries or, health books. Books have been written recently, in the past few

How do I use the Moringa Seed Oil?
The seed oil is very good for the skin. It regenerates skin cells. For this reason, many cosmetic
companies put it in their anti-aging formulas. It is very emollient so a little goes a long way. Use
it on cuts, scrapes, wounds, to moisturize hair, nails and skin, eczema, psoriasis, rash, acne,
scars, scar tissue (it can be taken orally),

Can I grow Moringa where I live?
Moringa is a tropical plant. It loves heat. You can grow Moringa during the time of year that you
can grow tomatoes and cucumbers. Once the weather drops, Moringa will go dormant. If you
get multiple days of frost, it may not survive. A freeze will kill it. You must plant it in well draining soil. It will die very easily of root rot. You can cut your tree down to the ground and it will grow more like a bush than a tree.

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