Backyard Moringa Grower

● A brief history of Moringa
● Moringa cultivation worldwide
● How to grow Moringa by seed, cutting and root
● What you need to know to grow Moringa where you live.
● What your Moringa growing season is
● Where to Plant Moringa
● When to harvest
● How to prune your Moringa tree for high leaf production
● Troubleshooting
● And so much more

Moringa for Life Ambassador

Online Certification Course

● Moringa nutritional qualities and uses.
● Moringa plant morphology.
● Basic principles of permaculture design.
● Soil biology as it applies to Moringa production.
● Moringa cultivation and processing.
● Confidence in representing Moringa, to their family and local
● They will understand the labeling and language limitations
according to their countries’ Food and Drug Regulatory
Agency disclaimer and regulations.

Backyard Moringa Grower

Moringa For Life
Grower & Educators

Online Certification Course

● The Moringa Protocol – In Depth
● Permaculture Principles – Site Evaluation
● Biological Composting and Vermiculture
● Soil Building and pest/pathogen management
● Harvesting/Drying Moringa – Small and Large Scale
● Nursery Development
● Field Management – Layout – Small and Large Scale
● Lab Testing Results – Understand Lab Results – Certificate of
● Product Development – Value Added Products
● Moringa Market – Understanding and Access
● FDA Labeling – Language according to their countries’ Food
and Drug Regulatory Agency disclaimer and regulations,
labeling and language limitations


“The course structure is well set up. I got to meet a group of amazing people, whom I am very excited to journey with. Teachers are caring, kind and very helpful. I really loved the flexibility of our teacher, Mariko Gifford. I enjoyed all the topics provided weekly and the presentations and assignments were really helpful as they persuaded me to work hard and get as much knowledge as I can. I highly recommend this amazing course because it is very educational.”



“The course content far exceeded my expectations – we learnt so many things in such a short space of time including permaculture & soil biology and how these fit into Mariko’s ‘Moringa Protocol’ for growing the highest quality, most nutritious Moringa on the planet. On top of this, Mariko was available for one-on-one sessions with each course participant as well as holding weekly Zoom calls with all the students where we discussed the previous week’s course material & got to know each other. A highlight was meeting so many lovely people from all over the world & sharing our new found reverence for this miracle tree.”



“I found the course very exciting and interesting.The resources were excellent and very user friendly.(except the Bee Queen?) As it unfolded the worksheets made me go back and read and get ready for the Quiz. The updates with Mariko and the other students were great fun as we got to know each other.You connected the world with love of moringa. Mariko you too with your family have brought light in to my life at a time I felt I had to find a new way in a bit of a haze I was in.(Because I had lost my husband of 40 years and all my three chhildren were away abroad and they could not come home due to COVID19.) I believe we can help change the way people look at themselves and the plants and other living beings.”


Sri Lanka