How to Grow Lion’s Mane Mushroom Course

Sunday April 2nd 10am-2pm

Grow the Fungi you in your soil.More diversity, more nutrients. Delicious and medicinal Lion’s Mane for your health and vitality.


This is the next level of difficulty for Mushroom growers.

Our dear friend, Dennis Sharmahd and mushroom expert will guide us through the process and share his deep knowledge of the mushroom kingdom. From his many years of experience, he has developed an easy and successful way to grow many varieties of mushrooms.

This class will also focus on understanding the soil biology by seeing the microorganisms under a microscope.  Our resident Lab Technician, Isaac Diaz, will cover the science of the soil and show slides of the various microorganisms and describe how the nutrient cycling functions.  You will learn how the soil food web operates. Our goal in teaching you how to grow mushrooms, is so you can grow the fungi you need to add to your soil for improving the diversity of nutrients, thereby improving the quality of the food you grow.

The class will cover:
  • The basics of growing Lion’s Mane
  • What substrates to use
  • How to process the substrate and pasturize it
  • What containers to use
  • How to innoculate the substrate
  • How and when to harvest your mushrooms.

We will also serve a meal using Lion’s Mane Mushrooms.  They are delicious, similar to lobster.

You will also receive a starter mushroom kit to grow at home.  We stay with you through the process in case you have questions.

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