Moringa Energy

Energy is a hot topic lately…

and may well be for many years to come. How to get more of it, store it, release it… We are producing and processing more information and activities in a day than ever before. We demand more and more from our bodies without giving it basic essentials. We are bombarded with a multitude of toxins from every part of our environment. It is becoming apparent that we cannot sustain this way of life, nor should we. Slowing down and focusing on the simple pleasures of life can go far in healing. But slowing down and simplifying may not be enough. We must revitalize our bodies and give them vibrant, clean nutrition.

Being a trained Organic Inspector, I focus on the health of the soil. Plants are only as healthy as the soil they are grown in. To optimize the soil quality, I researched plants with the highest amount of nutrition. This led me to study the countries that are underfed and undernourished.  In this country, we are overfed and undernourished.  Moringa has the potential to return vital health to our population by real nourishment. Besides the nutritional value, all parts of this tree are edible and medicinal. Many of our customers have found they can replace or reduce medications with the use of Moringa. It grows rapidly in a wide range of conditions, and so many can grow their own Moringa and have easy access to their own food as medicine.

It is the most durable and resilient plant I have known. It has an incredible amount of life energy and will to live. I believe this energy is passed on to us when we use it and consume it.

Most of my work is to educate people about the many uses of this tree. I sell the tree so people can become sustainable. I have developed products that make it easy to use and add to your daily intake of food and vitamins. We will continue to develop products from Moringa to make this plant available for everyday use for those wishing to eat better, have more energy and make food your medicine. 

In this journey, I have been led to a connection with Moringa that is instructional, enhancing and sacred. It requires an open hand and open heart. It is the grand nurturer, giving so much to a world in great need. The uses are only limited by our own limits and imagination. It is truly a wondrous journey. Join me. My goal is to bring Moringa to every corner of the world, every town, and township, every home and heart. That is a life worth living, a world worth loving.

“But once we become aware of the impact of our food choices, we can never really forget. For the earth itself will remind us, as will our children and the animals and the forests and the sky and the rivers – that we are part of this earth, and it is part of us. All things are deeply connected, and so the choices we make in our daily lives have enormous influence, not only on our own health and vitality, but also on the lives of other beings, and indeed on the destiny of life on earth.” – John Robbins 198

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