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How to Grow the Moringa Tree

Grow the Miracle Tree, the most nutritious plant ever tested!

Grow the Miracle Tree, the most nutritious plant ever tested!  One of our main goals is for there to be a Moringa tree growing in every home, farm and community.  There is so much to learn about the amazing Miracle Tree so we start with the basics.  How to grow Moringa in your balcony, yard or farm.  We receive so many emails with questions about growing Moringa.  We finally have a thorough guide for Moringa enthusiasts that will answer all of your questions.  Whether you are just getting started on your journey, or well on your way, this course will  guide you to success growing Moringa.

In this mini module you will learn:

  • A brief history of Moringa
  • Moringa cultivation worldwide
  • How to grow Moringa by seed, cutting and root
  • What you need to know to grow Moringa where you live.
  • What your Moringa growing season  is
  • Where to Plant Moringa
  • When to harvest
  • How to prune your Moringa tree for high leaf production
  • Troubleshooting
  • And so much more

What you will receive:

  • 14 Videos each on a topic of interest.  These are bite size and easy to find when you want to review or share them.
  • The PowerPoint and videos to download for future use
  • The opportunity to receive a bonus video about another amazing miracle of the Moringa Tree
  • A student forum to have the chance to meet other Moringa enthusiasts around the world.
  • Personal technical support on our teaching platform,  Canvas

Learn from our mistakes so you can be successful. Once you have Moringa growing, you will be curious to learn more and more.  That is how I began 24 years ago. I started 25 seeds in my greenhouse and the rest is history.  Even if you live in  a cold climate, you can grow Moringa there.

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