How to Grow Pink Oyster Mushrooms Workshop


How to Grow Pink Oyster Mushrooms at Home

Sunday August 6th 2023   10 - 2pm

Growing Pink Oyster Mushrooms at home can be fun and rewarding.  It is not as difficult as most people think.  Oyster mushrooms are one of the easiest mushrooms to grow. With the right details you can be successful in growing your own mushrooms.  

We are so happy to have our dear friend, Dennis Sharmahd share his deep knowledge and experience growing and teaching people how to grow mushrooms.  From his many years of experience, he has easy and practical ways to grow mushrooms for success.

We also have an ulterior motive for teaching people to grow mushrooms.  It is a great way to get fungi into your soil  Once you harvest your mushrooms, you can bury the substrate at the base of your Moringa trees.  Fungi helps build the diversity in the soil and adds to the nutrient cycling,thereby improving your soil quality.

Microscopes will be set up to see the spores and other soil creatures

The class covers the following topics: 

  • The basics of mushroom cultivation. 
  • What substrates you can use. 
  • How to process the substrate and how to pasteurize it. 
  • What containers work best.
  • How to inoculate the substrate. 
  • How to create or find a space to “fruit” your mushroom

We will also have a cook and taste demonstration.  You will go home with a small Mushroom Kit to grow your own Oyster Mushrooms


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