Moringa Food Making Class


Moringa Nourishment

Moringa is an amazing food to add to your daily nourishment for yourself and your family.  Finding easy and delicious ways to incorporate it will help ensure that you will make  Moringa a regular staple in your diet. We have made so many dishes over the years and would like to share some of our best ones to kick start your own creativity based on what you already eat on a regular basis.

If you already use Moringa in your foods, this class will give you new ideas and inspiration, as well as let you share some of your ideas with others.  This community way to share food and ideas for preparing our favorite dishes is being ignited around the world.  Bring Moringa dishes to share.

You will also be introduced to the local Community Food Club, My Real Food Club  and Crop Swap so you can share in the abundance of food and ingredients by buying in a collective.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Famous Moringa Pesto:

We will show you how to make it with the fresh Moringa leaf, as well as with the leaf powder.  That way you can enjoy this delicious and nourishing dish throughout the year when fresh leaves are not available.

Moringa Truffles:

  We will have a collection of herbs, spices, nuts and fruit so you can experiment with a variety of ideas and taste what others have created. This was one of the most fun activities we did during our in-person course so we decided to share this great activity.  

You can also duplicate this with family and friends to introduce them to Moringa.  Kids are great at this activity. It’s like making play doh with food. 

Moringa Sambar:  

This is a dish from India which is where Moringa is native to.  We have a great recipe inspired by  our student Amit Barikeri.  It is made with the Moringa leaf and the seed pod, known as the drumstick.  Drumstick tree is one of the common names for Moringa in India as this is a cultural food dating back hundreds of years.  Some parts of this dish will be prepared in advance due to the time constraints.  But you will receive all of the instructions to put it together during the class. 


 We will serve our famous Moringa Mint Tea and will also serve a variety of Moringa steeped with other ingredients for your tasting pleasure. If you would like to try some of our very own moringa powder to incorporate in your own recipes at home click here.


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