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Moringa For Life Sri Lanka In Person Training

April 18 - 23, 2024

$1300.00 (US Dollars)

Registration is now open for our
2024 In-Person Training in beautiful Trincomalee Sri Lanka!

We are so excited to be conducting our in person training at the Education Center of Damayanthi Lee in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. She has worked hard to implement the techniques we teach from the two in person courses she has attended plus her online work with us.  Just being in the midst of her Moringa trees, Dama has been filled with inspiration and peace.  This was the incubation of the journey that is now her life’s work.   Here is where the threads were woven, where her tears were shed, where  lessons became life.  We invite you to this inner sanctum of this life and welcome you to this path.

You will see food growing together as nature grows all of its food and beauty.  Many of the principles covered in the Online Ambassador Course are implemented here. There are many places to sit and receive the Moringa Field energy and blessings and feel her embrace. Here you will have the chance to meet people from all over the world who come together and join our community intention for Moringa’s Global Reach.

In previous courses, we saw students struggle to implement the practices that they were introduced to. But now you will delve deeply into the practical work and have all your questions answered so you can be successful with your own Moringa Projects.

The focus of this course will also be the practical hands-on and hands-in with the practices of how to replicate nature. These practices are critical for the soil biology improvement necessary for the nutrition to be in the soil so it can be in the Moringa.  We will introduce you to the Moringa Protocol and Moringa Plot Plan.  The experience of these practices determines your future success. Time is spent for each student to gain insight into their specific project with direct guidance from Mariko and Dama.

Our online Moringa Ambassador Course is included with this In-Person Course.  You will learn the hands on practical application of the topics presented in the Online course so it's important for you to complete it beforehand.  This will help you get the most out of the training.

Our Unique Approach Demonstrates:
  • Using Permaculture Principles
  • Creating the correct soil biology for growing premium quality Moringa
  • Co Creating with Nature
  • Composting and Vermiculture for soil restoration
  • Specific steps in Harvesting and Processing to prevent contamination
  • Making Moringa foods
  • Planting by the Lunar calendar
  • The Moringa Plot Plan
  • The Moringa Protocol
What You Will Receive:
  • Transportation to and from the site
  • Lodging (non locals)
  • Catered meals which include Moringa every day and locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • A deep and reverent connection with Moringa
  • Life long relationships with our Moringa world
Practice in:
  • Soil Building with Microscope verification
  • Pest/Pathogen Management
  • Harvesting Moringa & Drying Moringa
  • Permaculture Principles, Vermiculture, Thermophilic Composting
  • Every student has direct guidance on their Moringa Vision from Mariko  as they see their vision change with each movement forward in understanding and scope.
  • Materials covered as PDF (online)
  • Student Directory so you can stay connected
  • Lists of Tools, Websites and Resources (online)
  • Time to Connect: with Moringa, with other Students, with Mariko and her team
  • Special presentation and demonstration of traditional foods as medicine by indigenous doctors
  • Certificate of Completion

Techniques in the Ambassador course are demonstrated so when you begin or continue your Moringa project, you have the tools for success

Register Today for the Moringa For Life In-Person Course in Trincomalee  Sri Lanka

April  18  10 Am start time - April 23  (5pm) End time

$1300 All inclusive price includes:

  • Online Ambassador Course
  • Week long hands on training
  • Transportation to and from Colombo International Airport
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Transportation to and from the site each day
  • All Meals, Moringa drink on site, Moringa snacks
Travel Tip:

Arrive a day early and stay a day longer.  This will ensure you are included in the transportation to and from the hotel  There will be a sleeper train to transport you to and from the site as its 8 hours apart from Colombo.

We will also provide a list of things to see in the area for anyone who wishes to stay longer and explore Sri Lanka.

Why Attend?

Over the last 26 plus years, I have worked out the way to grow Moringa and produce premium grade Moringa. I have created a program to certify those who wish to learn my methods.  You become a part of our World Wide Moringa Family.  This Program is also for those who want to be Moringa Growers, Moringa Educators and Moringa Ambassadors.  While learning what is involved with growing Moringa, the curriculum also covers everything you need to know to represent Moringa to the world for those seeking health and nutritional benefits from this powerful plant. The Moringa Protocol is necessary around the world to ensure that all producers of Moringa understand the specific requirements at all stages of farm production that need to be implemented for the outcome of high grade, pathogen and mold free Moringa.

Of utmost importance, is the work to create the soil quality.  As I have said thousands of times, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the Moringa”.  This is one of the most important points in growing any food plant.  Each plant has the uptake from the soil that it is capable of.  However, if the specific nutrients are not found in the soil, there is no uptake and subsequently, that nutrient is not in the end food product. Soil alone does not create a whole Eco system.  Understanding and creating the bigger picture is also essential.  Permaculture – Permanent Agriculture, is also a part of the essential whole.

Moringa is an important plant for use in agriculture and can replace many chemical inputs and replace practices to restore our soil quality with only positive effects to the environment. Moringa is one plant that offers healing in so many areas of life.  It has the potential to repair and restore much of what has been damaged in our soil, water and living beings of all types. We want to draw those together who are interested in this mission and create this journey through our common work to make of this world the garden as it once was.

When we work together we can accomplish so much more.

"If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together."

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