Moringa Mission to Fly Me To The Moon

What is the Moringa Journey all about?

It’s been 24 years now working with Moringa, the Miracle Tree, I have learned so much from her. Many of the lessons were inside of me and had nothing to do with the actual plant. One must find all the inauthentic ways we have acquired knowingly and unknowingly that can prevent us from seeing our true journey in life. And so, it was with Moringa. One day, I did not recognize myself. I didn’t know how I had lost myself, one day at a time as they say. Sometimes I was well aware that I was losing myself. There were times it was invisible from my awareness. And though I had good intentions, still, I was diminishing.

Who Embarks on the Moringa Journey?

Following a calling is not for the weak at heart. It requires the most courage you can muster, every day for as long as it takes. That has been the task at hand with Moringa. This is the place to share our experiences that brought us to this community, our Moringa community. Moringa sends a call out, like a radio signal.  Some receive it as static, and others receive it as precise information and messages. Those who receive static, spend time to fine tune the dial so the channel can come in loud and clear.

Where Do I Start?

We all start from where we are, with what we have and with who we are with. It can only be that way. Otherwise, we have too many rules in the way of taking our first step, perfection, judgment from ourselves or others, fear. I love the poem from Goethe, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it”. That lived in my heart and empowered me on a daily basis. Leap, trust, leap, trust, every day.

I Learned a Very Important Lesson at a Young Age

When I was 10 years old, the US was preparing to go to the moon.  We began seeing the whole propaganda about it on our black and white TV. I remember one time, there was a cartoon showing how the capsule would be launched, go up into the atmosphere headed in the direction of the moon and then the trajectory would show that it would miss the moon. There would be a series of mathematical formulas floating by, a correction was made and the capsule was once again headed toward the moon. This scenario happened a few times until the capsule landed on the Moon! Though I was a child, I realized that they didn’t know exactly how to get to the moon. They pointed in the direction and launched. When they realized they were off course, they corrected, and corrected until they reached the destination. It was a series of ‘mistakes’. It was clear at that young age that you had to make mistakes to get to the moon! It has shaped my way of seeing the world, willing to make mistakes, many mistakes if required until I got to the Moon.  I didn’t try to avoid mistakes. This has helped me along the way in my Moringa journey. I took a leap of faith in the direction of my dream and continued through all the ‘mistakes’.

Will You Join Us?

Today Moringa is a worldwide movement. All of those who answered the call have taken the steps toward their Moringa dream and made it a reality. I am lucky to have been a part of many Moringa dreams from my own Moringa students to other seekers who found me. I am grateful to have this platform to share our experience and for the path ahead. There is much work to do. There are lots of Moringa to plant and many who need her nourishment. Working together, we will reach the Moon. 

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