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Hi, I’m Mariko Gifford, your certification coach!


My Journey – How I began

All of the series of events and lessons of my life have been the source of the consulting techniques that I developed when working within the business world. The specific consulting that I created I called Your Life Path. It’s a way to identify and illuminate the path each of us takes in this lifelong journey. When one can see those signposts along the way and the steps that lead us to this present moment, it helps to illuminate the next step and possibly into our own future.  

Along The Way

Through my life choices, I entered the World of the Watershed. As President of the Mission Resource Conservation District here in San Diego County, I directed the staff on a variety of projects solving the issues of water use. This lead to my own education of how to live cooperatively within a watershed with all of the stakeholders and land owners. This brought me directly into the world of food production and my certification as an Organic Inspector. Soon I was in search of a plant with the highest amount of nutrition. It took a while before I found Moringa in a Perennial seed catalog. The description said “The Most Nutritious Plant on Earth” That began my journey with Moringa, The Miracle Tree.

Where We Are Now

That was 1998. I have learned so much about this amazing tree. In particular with the intelligence of the tree. It has become a guide for much of my work. It was clear from the beginning that I would teach others how to work with Moringa in this way too. Now after more than 100+ students in 35+ countries, it was essential to create our consulting service. It was clear that students needed much more support and guidance for their Moringa projects to be successful. I can see down the Moringa path of my students as well as others who have been called to work with Moringa. This has enabled me to come full circle with my consulting. I use a modified version of Your Life Path focused on the successful implementation of these important and vital projects around the globe. The work can be modified for the variety of challenges most people encounter with Moringa. You stand on my shoulders.  You can learn from my wisdom and experience.  We need legions of people to carry this message out into the world for the many who need and want this amazing Miracle Tree  in their lives. 

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