Moringa Yearlings are Emerging from Winter Sleep

Optimized-yearlingsAfter a long winters sleep, Moringa yearlings are emerging.  Even though we have such good weather here in San Diego, Moringa still goes dormant.  It still needs the tropical sun hours.  Our season is from May/June until November.  We can keep leaf going in the greenhouses but once the days are shorter than the nights, Moringa will sleep.  Yearlings that are purchased on the website will be sent once they begin to leaf out.  That is when I know they are thriving and will be fully in the growing season when they arrive.  I don’t send them at any other time because I want to make sure your Moringa tree will survive and produce wonderful Moringa.  The root has gone through a winter and has put on a bark.  That bark protects it and makes it hardy to survive the trip and the transplant.  The yearling arrives without the top.  I cut the top just as I am putting it in its packaging.

It is sent off with a kiss and a blessing.

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