The Moringa Growing Season Begins

Mariko growing MoringaSpring is the time of year I get itchy fingers to start planting Moringa seeds.  It’s really too soon for us here in San Diego.  This year I had so much to do with the new website that I let the planting date wait.  The seedlings are starting to leaf out in the greenhouses.  With longer days, they are getting ready for the summer.  Customers who have pre ordered their yearlings will be notified soon that they are being sent.  We will be adding a new grower next week so there is lots of preparation going on.  I always start seedlings that will be sold in this season at the shop and at the Farmer’s Market.  They cannot be shipped as they do not have the bark on the root which makes the more hardy. This preparation requires soil to be prepared, compost to be woken from the winter sleep and worm tea to get prepared.  I love this time of year.  Stay tuned for the planting video I will make this summer.

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