Moringa Tree Yearling

Moringa Seedling in HandsGrowing Moringa is so rewarding when you harvest that fresh beautiful green Moringa leaf.  It is worth the effort it may take to grow in your area if you are not in a tropical zone.  It will be dormant during the winter in areas other than tropical.

The bare root is available only during the summer months for most areas. The seedling top is cut off when it is ready to ship. Once it arrives it should be planted right away. The seedlings we ship are year seedlings meaning that they have gone over winter.  This makes them more hardy and able to survive the transportation and change of climate.

The fresh Moringa ROOT is edible and tastes like horseradish. It is contraindicated for high blood pressure. You will receive an email verifying that you will be home to receive the bare root.

You can purchase your Moringa Bare Root at any time of the year but we hold the orders until the growing season begins which can be between April through July.  It depends on the weather.  We ship them when we know they are ready to thrive.

Directions For Use: The Moringa Bare Root comes with a full page of instructions. See About Us for pictures of the seedlings.  Lindsey and I are sitting with the tray of Moringa seedlings that will be prepared for shipping. We cut the tops off just before shipping.  You can preview the growing instructions on our site.

Each  Bare Root  $25.00

This is a one year old seedling which means it has survived a winter season making it more hardy.

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  1. I would like to know more about the moringka tree yearling. I live in North Carolina so would moringka survive here?

  2. Hello Reeva. Moringa should be able to do well in the Summer there. It would need to be protected from freeze and extended frost conditions.

  3. Ohh!…the miracle plant aka Moringa is calling my name once again! I first was introduced to this amazing plant by a great friend of mine since childhood. He used to learn from you at the farm! He placed a gift in my hand, that turned out to be Moringa seeds!! I ate the cake from the core of the seed on every single one over a course of about 2 months. I have never felt so healthy, very clear minded, balanced, energetic, and you name it! I wish I had thought to at least germinate and grow 10 of them. I need more sooooo bad. Thank you so much for enlightening people to this miracle plant MORINGA!!! We are all one, therefore….we need the same nutrients. This ONE plant provides all of the essential elements to a human being. Beautiful!

    Love, peace, and hugs sent your way,


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