Moringa Spiritualized Essence

IMG_8203When we had Al-Kemi make our Moringa Basic Spagyric, they had such a profound experience, they decided to also make their own Moringa Spiritualized Spagyric. We are so happy to carry it for those who have come to love the Moringa Basic Spagyric.  Because Moringa is a sun plant, we harvest the leaf on a sun day and sun hour.  It is done with our deep intention to co-create with Moringa to bring this healing into the process. Because our Moringa Basic has been so successful, we decided to carry Al-Kemi’s product which was also made with our fresh Moringa leaf.  This is the next level. It is distilled 7 times and can take up to 9 months for completion.  It is not necessary to begin with the Moringa Basic first.

This Spagyric gives a feeling of strength and vitality, in which it is easy and enjoyable to work very hard, even in difficult conditions of heat, wind, or long hours. It keeps energy and mood high, but does not force overwork that might leave you depleted. If taken too late in the day, it can cause insomnia, but as a morning tonic to get through a busy day, it is very balanced.

Suggested use: 1 – 3 drops, once a day in the morning.

To learn more go to this link on our site and listen to what DJ, our very dear friend and Spagyricist has to say about our Moringa Spagyric.

5ml 1/6oz


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