Moringa Seed Oil


Moringa Seed Oil regenerates skin cells. It is very soothing and healing for the skin.  It has a mild nutty smell.  It is also edible and non toxic.  It can be in every first aid kit for cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns, rash, bites, stings etc. Most cosmetic companies have it in their anti-aging formulas.  Their research proves the healing effects of Moringa on the skin.  It has also made the cost of the oil increase incredibly since I first began carrying the Seed Oil. I have had first hand experience healing deep wounds. A brown recluse spider bit of my daughter.  Not only did she not have to have her arm amputated or operated on, she has NO scar.  This is truly an amazing oil. It is very emollient so a little goes a long way.   I used it as my day and night moisturizer until I made the Rose Cream.   We keep a bottle in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in our first aid kit.  You never know when you’ll need it.

It can also be used for inflammation, psoriasis, eczema and shingles.

Moringa oil is 100% seed oil cold pressed. There is no carrier oil added.

Moringa Oil is very good for every topical application of cuts scrapes, and burns. A small drop goes a long way. It is also good for wrinkles and is used by commercial companies in their anti aging formulas because of the high anti-oxidants. It can also be used topically for inflammation, psoriasis, eczema and shingles.

Ingredients: 100% Moringa Seed Oil

NOTE:  Moringa Seed Oil will congeal and change color in cooler weather.  This means you have good unprocessed oil!  Use as usual.

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  1. I saw that it was also used to cure ear infections. Is that the oil?

  2. Yes, the Moringa Seed Oil has been used for treating ear infections. It can be warmed slightly and with the ear side up, place two to three drops into the ear canal . Let it run into the ear and stay in that position for 15 -20 minutes. Use cotton to close the ear opening. This is best done at night just before sleeping. You can repeat this treatment for several days. Consult your health care practitioner if symptoms remain longer than three days.

  3. I discovered this MIRACLE oil accidentally and had no idea how great it was…I was treating my face with chemicals that were pretty extreme to get rid of any pre cancer cells. My face was one big scabby, open wound. Mariko gave me some of this and I applied it to my face, truly not expecting anything and more to be polite to my friend Susan who was raving about the stuff. The NEXT morning – I woke up to PERFECT skin. Ran in to see my dermatologist and she was gobsmacked and asked me to spell it carefully for her to do more research on. She said “That’s a miracle”. Yup.Yes, m’am, it is.
    I also use it on my dogs if they have an open wound or hotspot. INSTANT relief for them. Big money saving to me- not having to take them to the vet. The natural antihistimene and anti bacterial quality is a GODSEND. My little pomeranian was really suffering and nothing the vet or I could do gave him relief from airbourn allergies and incessant itching. Then I put Moringa on him – and – Voila! Quiet, happy, sleeping pup. No itching. Expensive itch control- but works!

  4. Hi K.R. Thank you for your story. It helps others to see how Moringa can work in so many ways. Give my love to Susan. We don’t see her enough

  5. Is you oil from India as I read when it comes from zinnia it is the purest form. Thank you.

  6. Hello Vicky. Our oil is from a Moringa farmer in Uganda. We have been working with him for quite a few years now and feel very confident in his product. Thank you for your inquiry.

  7. Can Moringa oil be used on female itching issues like genital itching?

  8. Hi JP,
    Yes, Moringa Seed Oil is safe and effective for genital irritation. We will be offering a new product for that use soon. Login to myhome page and sign up on my email list to be informed.
    Thanks for your question

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