Moringa Leaf Tincture


Moringa Leaf Tincture is made from 190 proof Certified Organic Grape Alcohol and fresh Moringa Leaf from our farm. Grape alcohol is used now by the best herbalists because it ensures the highest quality extraction. The healing constituents of Moringa Leaf have been fully released in the month long process. We run very small batches for the freshest product to the customer.   People have used this tincture for fortifying the immune system, as a rescue remedy, for airborne protection while flying, for cough and cold symptoms, for congestion due to allergies and colds, for a wide variety of oral problems including abscesses, sensitive gums, canker sores, cold sores (internal) and tooth decay.

Ingredients: 100% Moringa Fresh Leaf, Certified Organic Grape Alcohol

1 oz. Size

Price: $14.00

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  1. safiya daniyan says:

    This is amazing, thank very much for the educative information. Can apple cidar vinegar be use in place of grape alcohol? what is grape alcohol and where can one purchase it . I reside in Nigeria

  2. Yes, you can use apple cider vinegar as a solvent instead of alcohol but it is less effective. For the best information and source of grape alcohol visit This is where I get mine. I do not ship international so to find local Moringa go to This is a directory of people interested in Moringa and producing it. I do not know what quality they have so do your due diligence research. Best of Health

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