Moringa Energy Capsules


Moringa capsules contains 100% leaf powder.  This product is intended for those who will not take Moringa any other way.  It is also good for travel so you won’t be without your Moringa.

A great way to add Moringa to your daily regime to improve your nutritional intake.

$24.00/ bottle

Case price: 12 for the price of 11 (one free)


Ingredients: 100% Moringa Leaf Powder

One Bottle

Size: 2.24 oz (64 g.); 150 capsules

Price: $24.00

Case of 12

Size: 12 bottles x 2.24 oz (64 g.)

Price: $264.00

Easy to swallow Vegetable capsule. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am from Singapore, have heard about Moringa, so when my son visited Chennai a few months ago , he got for me 2 bottles and have been taking twice a day. I am 85 years old, also take other Vitamins and Royal Jelly for many years.
    I do find after taking Moringa feel more energized.

    I notice that you also have in capsule form which is easy to take when traveling. May I know how many capsules to be taken a day please. Is it possible to order 2 bottles only, to try out first the effect before ordering 12 please.

    With Best Regards,
    Thank You.,

  2. Andrea Uhlhaas says:

    Please tell me how much mg Moringa is in one capsule.
    Thank you

  3. There are 425mg per capsule.

  4. Hello Ramadas. Yes, you can order the Capsule bottles individually. The dosage is up to the individual.

  5. is the moringa in your powder capsules grown in the u.s.

  6. Hello John, our Moringa Leaf Powder is sourced from a grower in India. We have been working with him for many years now and feel very confident in his growing and processing integrity. And of course we have our powder lab tested.

  7. Fazal Ellahi Chaudhry says:

    Great work, we have lush green moringa trees in our lawn at Islamabad at home. they are very beautiful trees. we are much happy.

  8. margaret maha says:

    Good morning my 12 son has ulcer on his leg is moringa going to help him?The ulcer has been there for a month now and its not healing up..

  9. Moringa helps balance the digestive system which has a direct impact on skin health. Moringa would help nourish your son’s body to the point where his immune system will heal the ulcer

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