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Because we have been growing Moringa and making Moringa products longer than anyone else in the industry, we have the experience to make the very best Moringa Leaf Powder. All those years of trial and error has paid off. Over the years, many new Moringa producers have sent me their Moringa Leaf Powder in the hopes that I would buy from them. If the sample passed my initial tests of color, and smell, I would send it to my laboratory for testing. The tests include: Standard Plate count, Coliforms, E-Col i, Salmonella, Fungus and Mold. Almost all did not pass.
I have seen many kinds of tricks and unethical business practices.

I was a certified Organic Inspector before the USDA lowered the Organic Standard. My work has always been to build the soil. Organic practices are not enough. The life of the soil gives us the micro nutrients needed to produce the highest quality soil and thus the highest quality food, real food. I have said so many times, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food”. That’s why I have always focused on soil quality and soil life. We use the highest quality soil produced by a very dedicated worm farmer. I specify the percentage of worm castings to be added. I order this soil mix every year. To see his products, go to ( I have been to the farm and have seen first hand the total production. We then add perlite to this mix to get the right amount of soil drainage (Aztec Perlite). Moringa needs well draining soil.

The Moringa plant needs specific conditions for optimal uptake of soil nutrients. We also produce our own hot compost following the world renowned soil scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham. Under her guidance, we have found the best way to produce the highest quality of soil, thereby ensuring the highest level of nutrient uptake Moringa is capable of. In our own lab, we look at the micro organism population of our own compost and compost tea. We can make any adjustments we need to before adding our soil amendments. We look to see how Moringa grows in nature and match the soil population ratio. To learn more about this process, visit

For example, strawberries are often grown in full sun, but in nature they grow on the forest floor. The extreme change in the amount of sun exposure changes everything. The fungi to bacteria ratio is far out of balance thus creating strawberries that are much different than nature intended.
Strawberries are grown with a high bacteria to low fungi ratio. This is opposite to how they grow in nature so the nutrient uptake from that soil composition does not ensure that strawberries have the nutrients they could.

The next most important process for producing the best Moringa Leaf Powder, is in the harvest and drying. We only harvest on very dry days so the moisture level of the air and the leaf is very low. By processing small batches at a time, and following specific methods for dealing with any potential pathogens or mold, our end product is pristine. The most important part of the drying process, is the length of time it takes to dry. We dry the Moringa Leaf in the same day its harvested. It should take only 6 -8 hours to dry. Any longer and mold will start to form and chlorophyll diminishes. We use heat sometimes if the room does not have its own level of heat from the outside temperature. The temperature never exceeds 120 degrees. In this way our Moringa Powder is still a raw food. Even though we have implemented all of these procedures that ensure the highest quality Moringa Leaf Powder, we still send our own Moringa to a lab for testing. Without all of these precautions and processes, our Moringa would not have the high level of benefits that it does.

October of 2014, I was skyping with a Moringa friend. His company was about to begin to produce a Moringa product. His company uses only ingredients from Africa, so he traveled the whole continent in search of Moringa. He also did a wide search of Moringa suppliers on the internet. In all, he had 15 dried leaf samples tested. Not one was found to be fit for human consumption. It was then that I realized I needed to teach others how to grow the best quality Moringa. We began that year to teach the Moringa Grower’s and Educators Certification Course. It was quite a challenge to take my 15 years of experience and condense it into 5 days of intensive training. In those 5 days, participants learn our methods. To find out about our course see the Moringa Education tab. Some participants have an existing Moringa project which we can work on and give solutions to the many challenges they encounter. We also have been able to link participants together, not only within each course, but across all courses. That has been one of the most rewarding parts of this work.

During the course we provide a fresh Moringa Leaf drink throughout the day. It is very refreshing and energizing. A Moringa lunch is also served each day. I am lucky to have two sons who are chefs. My younger son lives close by so he has taken on the responsibility of creating scrumptious meals for us. Because we have the fresh leaf available, much of what is served is with fresh Moringa leaf, and fresh Moringa flowers. We still talk about the Watermelon, tomato gazpacho with beautiful Moringa flowers floating on top. Since we also want people to be able to make some of our recipes at home, he also uses our Moringa Herb Blends that my older son created and Moringa Leaf Powder in the dessert. Moringa Truffles are incredible! You can see photos of these and more on our gallery.

This is an important part of our Moringa training. Our students know what Moringa should look like, taste like, smell like. They also start to feel the impact Moringa can have on their health and well being, energy level and stamina.
It is the consumer who will push the industry standards. But the consumer is not experienced with the taste and look of Moringa. Until the consumer knows what the quality of Moringa should be, the low quality will continue. Our certified growers do not send me Moringa Powder. They send me the Moringa whole leaf. This is our quality control. You can see everything in the end product before it is ground down. That is how we know there is nothing added to the Moringa Powder.

New biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Drink Moringa Life In!

Ingredients: 100% Moringa Leaf Powder

Directions for use:

  • Food: Add to any food your are eating just before serving.  It is a Superfood, nutrient dense and easy to assimilate.
  • Tea: Stir one quarter teaspoon into an 8 oz cup of hot water. Water should be very hot but not boiling to preserve the vitamins. Stir occasionally as the powder may settle. Drink the powder! The nutrition is in the powder. Chill for ice tea.
  • Raw: Mix a small amount of cold water with a quarter teaspoon of Moringa Leaf Powder to make a paste. Continue adding more water and stir until you have added 8 ounces.


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  1. Yvonne Lara says:

    I was wondering how the leaf powder is made. How are the leaves dried? And is it better to have the tea in powder form or leaves?

  2. Seid Derar says:

    Dear sir
    Am using Moringa leaf powder as a tea at least for one year , That is i prepare by my self at home and I use to drink at least 3 times a day
    Afer meal… When I drink a cup of Moringa tea
    I feel relax and when I Chek my diabetes thanks good that is good so would u pls help me how can I used it for future , thanks.

  3. Hello,

    I come to you to ask you if this is your production with or without chemicals.
    I know that small producers may not have the ability to purchase the certification given its cost.
    This is why I ask you, you certainly can not have the certification, but you may already be producing biologically.
    Can you tell me more.
    In France it is not. No authorization of placing on the market yet.

    Sincerely, Véronique

    Ps I should add that this is a google translation.

  4. Our Moringa is grown without chemicals. I am not certified because I do not agree with the current low standard for Organics. I was an Organic Inspector before the USDA took it over. My first work is with the soil quality. I have soil made for me and then I add natural substances that enhance the microbiotic activity and the mineral content. The most important work is with soil rejuvenation. If its not in the soil, its not in the Moringa.

  5. Thank you for your testimonial. You have just described what so many of my customers have experienced. That is the miracle of Moringa. Stay with your plan. It sound like its working.

  6. This is the perfect website for anybody who would like
    to understand this topic. You know a whole lot its almost
    tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic that’s been written about for a long time.
    Great stuff, just wonderful!


    Greetings Mariko!

    I have been perusing your site today, and am very much interested in maringa. My friend Pastor Janetta spoke to me of it on the phone last night & suggested I take a look at the web sites presenting the product. The first I looked at were some in Asia. As I live currently in NE Oregon, I found your own site to be more informative & your pricing is more understandable to me! You are quite a good teacher & your instruction videos are impressive. I especially enjoyed the one I saw in which you said you are in your ”music room” & you were giving instructions about the seeds & how you prepare them for shipping, giving the instructions for planting. Thank you for making things very simple. I will talk again to my friend who told me about maringa. She is pastor/bishop over many churches in Africa, and I have joined her on several occasions in ministering there as a Christian missionary. Thank you for such a great website! I will be in touch perhaps very soon again. Sincerely, Rebecca Patten

  8. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for your vote. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m making time to do more for the website. Education is the key to have the best Moringa produced for all of us to improve our health, our life, our planet.

  9. Hello. I had a question about poverty stricken people who grow Moringa trees in Africa in bad soils out on the plains. You said if the soil has no nutrients then the Moringa has no nutrients. Does this mean it is not beneficial to people who can only grow it in desert dry areas? Thanks
    P.S. I really enjoyed your videos very much

  10. Hello Kate. It may be extreme to say if the soil has no nutrients, Moringa will have no nutrients. It will still have some, and also chlorophyll which is very beneficial. It may not be at a quality for distribution, but will certainly be supportive for the people that are growing it there. Much better then not growing it at all! Thank you for your question!

  11. Does your Moringa powder contain tree bark? I am breastfeeding how will it help me?

  12. Our Moringa Leaf Powder is 100% Moringa Leaves. The leaves are the part of the tree with the most nutritional benefit. We have many customers that have used the leaf powder while breastfeeding with wonderful results. They have experienced an increase in milk supply. It can enrich the milk, and provide the mother with much needed nutrients and energetic support.

  13. Hi-
    Do you know any people who have taken Moringa for weight loss? What did they do? Im curious to use it for a weight loss aid.

  14. Hello Kim, we have had customers with positive results for weight loss. Moringa is such nutrient dense food that your body feels deeply nourished and your appetite can balance as a result. Also Moringa can be very cleansing. Everyone is different with their experience so there is no set protocol. We recommend starting with a small amount per day, maybe a 1/4 tsp to see how your body responds. You don’t want the cleansing process to be too intense or uncomfortable. You can then increase as you feel inclined. We have customers that use 1 tablespoon to 6 per day! It all depends on the individual. I hope this was helpful for you.

  15. moringa grower says:

    Hello Mariko,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic. We grow moringa for personal consumption not for sale. We live in the Caribbean and our trees are planted in various different soil conditions around our property. We would be interested to know what testing lab you use so we can consider using the same source to better understand our crop.

  16. My question is does it cure AIDS

  17. Hello,

    Can I put this in my dogs food? She weighs 6 pounds

  18. My husband and I will travel to Haiti to do prosthetics. We know people there who are undernourished. Is it possible for them to learn to grow Moringa? It is quite dry because of deforestation and hot temperatures, but it would be so wonderful to have a natural food source for them.

  19. Laurie Mathis says:

    Do you produce ALL of the Moringa powder that you sell there in CA?

  20. Hello- Can you tell me if you are aware of any blood interactions. I have read that it can interfere with clotting and then read it can assist clotting of the blood. I appreciate your assistance!

  21. When I receive it how do I store it and how long is it good for

  22. Marisela fernandez says:

    Have you had any feedback on how it can work for Hashimotto?

  23. Denise Ross says:

    Can I purchase this Moringa powder in a pill form?

  24. Yes, please see my website under products
    Thank you

  25. Yes, I have one customer who no longer has Hashimoto’s Disease. It took 2 years of taking Moringa very religiously, but she came in recently to tell me that her last test was negative.

  26. What does it do for asthma?

  27. I have a nebulizer machine that I use Twice a day for my asthma. just curious if this would be beneficial to take for the inflammation.

  28. Hi D,
    I have customers who have used Moringa Leaf Powder with great success. It is a long term treatment, more than 6 months and longer. It is not to be used in your machine. It should be eaten.

  29. Most dried herbs can stay vital for 3 years provided they are kept in darkness and out of moisture. Moringa is best used within the first year to be sure to get the most benefits.

  30. I have not heard of any issues of blood clotting associated with taking Moringa. That does not mean that is is totally safe. you should consult your healthcare practitioner before using Moringa.

  31. We grow it here AND we have growers. We teach a certification course for farmers who want to grow it as we do and with the quality we require. We test many factors before we carry another farmers product. We have also imported Moringa from Mexico, Uganda and India. To see some of our Moringa projects, visit our website at and go to the Moringa Projects tab.

  32. Yes, it grows very well in Haiti. There are Moringa projects there already and more to come. Subscribe to me email list to be informed of upcoming work in Haiti and other tropical areas.

  33. Yes, Moringa is safe for pets.We made a kibble for our dog. Buy a good quality organic kibble, toss in Moringa Seed Oil and then toss in Moringa Leaf Powder. Just give a few pieces as a treat.

  34. There has been no evidence that Moringa cures AIDS. There are many who suffer with AIDS who have been greatly helped by taking Moringa. It has been known to help with the energy levels that can be so debilitating. I have had customers who also eat the Moringa Seed. They say it is an energy boost and they can function normally. While they still live with the disease, they can have a fulfilled life because they have energy.

  35. Thank you for growing Moringa. It warms my heart to know that others are embracing this amazing plant. I use Michelson’s Lab in Los Angeles, CA. I have used the for many years.


    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for improuving moringa in the world. Moringa is plant which grows here at Beni,North Kivu province,DRCongo.
    People have fields of Moringa without using them. So, MORINGA FOR LIFE is welcome for transforming it.
    We need produts which are bio. PACOPAD NGO begin to sensitize people about it here at Beni.

  37. I used Moringa Leaf as a deodorant instead of the seed. I had been putting it in my morning Kale smoothie when I heard Moringa was also an effective deodorant. I didn’t realize it was the seed powder you use for deodorant. It still seemed effective anyway though. And I assume it wasn’t harmful since you can eat the leaf powder? I’m placing an order with your company tonight. Looking forward to trying different Moringa products.

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