Moringa Projects

Moringa Projects Around the World

We have conducted several of our Moringa Growers and Educators Certification courses now. We have had the good fortune to work with very dedicated Moringa people. People come to our course for a variety of reasons. A few have already begun their Moringa work and need the vital information to produce the highest quality possible in their region. Many go on to begin their project with our help and guidance. Others, leave with the vast amount of Moringa knowledge to become Moringa ambassadors who continue their work by educating others.
It takes us all, with each of our communities to tackle the task ahead.  The maps below show the reason this work is so important.  The first map shows the areas where Moringa grows best.
The second map shows the areas where there is the most amount of malnutrition in the world according to the World Health Organization. They are almost identical. This means that if we can educate and promote Moringa projects in this band around the planet, we will work in the exact areas where Moringa is needed most.
Because Moringa grows best in these areas, it takes very little to get farms established. Even getting each household to grow their own tree will have a huge impact on every family, in every community, in every region. Step by step, they can raise themselves up to be better able to deal with existing local problems that will ripple through this zone and end the viscous cycle of poverty and starvation. We have all the means. We need dedicated people to step forward and learn how to grow Moringa and teach others.
Here we will display some of those dedicated people and their Moringa projects. Follow those whose work and message connects to your own vision and path. There are many ways you can help. See the end of this page for further details.


Where Moringa grows best in the World.

Where Moringa grows best in the World.


Highest malnutrition in the World.

Highest malnutrition in the World.



August, 2014

August, 2014

Course Participants & Moringa Project Updates

Barbara Novick – Africa – Colorado Coalition for African, President.   Barbara heads CCAE with a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm.  She organized the coming together of non-profits that coould support each other intheir interest in establishing Moringa in the countries they work in across Africa. Click here for project udate

Jill Rosen – Jill has not determined her Moringa project but is involved with improving business models and how re relate within complex structures.  She has a vision to connect university student with Moringa projects.

Fatou Doumbia –  Mali   Agile –  Fatou will travel to South Mali to work with 200 women  who are eager to grow Moringa.  Her non-profit has bought land and will move their vision forward.  Click here for project update

Roberta Pippitt – Zimbabwe  Roberta has been working with a village in Zimbabwe for 20 years.  She now brings her vision for Moringa to improve their living standard and give them a sustainable way to improve their health.  They had already planted 1,000 Moringa trees when she came to our course.  They now have 100,000 Moringa trees!  Roberta recieved the non-profit scholarshi and will be the Moringa Instructor for CCAE for the southern coutnries of the coalition. Click here for project update

Luis Herta – California – Moringa For Life Grower-in-training, Indio, CA. Luis has 300 Moringa trees and will do his first harvest soon.  We look forward to another local Moringa grower.

Luis Herta Sr. California – Luis Sr. will also grow Moringa once he sees the outcome and success of his son’s production.

Makeda Dred –   World Beat Center, San Diego. Mariko Planted a row of Moringa trees in Makeda’s Ethno-Botanical garden 12 years ago.  Some survived and some did not. The ones that survived are 25 feet tall with leaf, flowers and pods.   Click here for more info

Berenice Rodriguez – World Beat Center, San Diego Berenice received the student scholarship Same as above.

DJ Ankenbrandt – Cintamanitonics – Santa Fe, New Mexico.  DJ has become a part of our family.  He is so dear to us and will always be a part of our Moringa journey.  He is will be making our Moringa Spagyric.  DJ received the student scholarship.  Click here for more info

Elizabeth Crandall – Moringa For Life Grower in Training.  Valley Center, CA.  Elizabeth is shifting her work so she can focus fully on growing and processing Moringa.  She completed her first solo Moringa harvest and drying.  Click here for more info

Mark Reese – San Diego, CA.  Project TBD Mark is seeking his Moringa path and has added to his knowledge of Moringa and the plight of many African countries.

Santos Blancas –  Soil Composition Trainer, Moringa For Life Grower in Training  Santos has worked with us for 3 years on the Moringa Farm.  He is dedicated and essential for our success.   He teaches the soil composition part of the course and also has planted a pilot field of Moringa. Click here for more info

Joy Carley Skidd – Moringa Lover and Enthusiast.  Idyllwild, CA. Joy has been a loyal Moringa customer.  She has attended almost all of our courses and has become a part of our Moringa family.  Her Moringa path is still unfolding.  She has planted 50 Moringa seedlings that she hopes will be a part of the landscape of her senior living community.

Jorge Catalan – Permaculture Trainer, Moringa For Life  Teacher in Training – Mexico – Jorge is training to conduct the Moringa Course in Spanish.  He is an integral part of out team teaching the permaculture part of our course. We traveled together in Mexico and are still planning to create a Moringa project there.

Toby Johnson – Vermiculture Trainer, Moringa For Life Grower in Training, Teacher-in-training.  Fallbrook, CA. Toby has been in our family for many years.  She teaches the vermiculture part of the Moringa Course.  She has just planted 120 Moringa seedlings and 65 s seeds in the ground. Next year she will plant another section adding substantially to her Moringa production.


October, 2014

Session 2

Course Participants & Moringa Project Updates

Carol Davis – Outreach Uganda.  Carol’s project has begun.  They have planted 2 acres of Moringa as a pilot field.   Click here for project update

David and Mary Lundberg – Santa Cruz, CA. Project TBD – David and Mary are still in the process of determining what their project will be with Moringa in their community.  They are considering a Moringa Nursery.

Rome and Babe Motu – San Diego, CA and Bora Bora.  Project TBD – Rome and Babe have been long time customers and have brought Moringa to their community.  With a the healing of one of their nieces using Moringa, their dedication brought them to our course to learn all they can and to discover what they can do to promote Moringa in Bora Bora.

Isabel Rauh Hain – Mexico City.  Project TBD – Isabel received the student scholarship.  She had already been working with Moringa in Mexico but has needed to gain more education and experience with all parts of the procedures for processing it.  She works with underprivileged women and children in the area of nutrition.

David Cebu- Uganda Outreach Field Supervisor.  David is the Field Supervisor and Instructor for Uganda Outreach.  He brought with him the soul of Africa.  It was so wonderful to hear him speak of his land and his people.  There is such a dedication to his work.  He received the non-profit scholarship and will be one of the two Moringa Instructors for CCAE responsible for the northern countries in the coalition. Click here for project update

Lisa Love – Tree Our World Now, Canada.  Lisa has been working with Moringa for a few years in Canada.  Her strength is in partnering and bringing diverse groups together.  One of her partners is currently back in Sierra Leone planting Moringa in Freetown to support the local people. Lisa received the non-profit scholarship.

Tree Our World link

Wendy Coulson – Mexico – Wendy is Jorge’s wife and so as much a part of our family as he.  She works in education in the arena of Peace and Children.  She recently received the Rotary Club Award to work in Thailand.  We are seeing the unfolding of her connection to Moringa integration with Peace and Children in the world.

Joy Carley Skidd – Idyllwild, CA  See above

Santos Blancas – Vista, CA  See above

Jorge Catalan –  Mexico  See above


November, 2014

IMG_2293 (560x378) (2)

Course Participants & Moringa Project Updates

This photo is at Elizabeth’s filed during the harvest part of the course.


Mike Erdman – Professor Penn State University, Moringa Project in The Gambia – Mike attended our course to educate himself on all aspects of Moringa production.  The university has already been working in Africa and now have a project with Moringa in the Gambia.  The engineering students design and build simple machines that can help make the work easier, efficient and more productive.  We were also able to connect him to two other students of ours who are engineering students and the University of Pennsylvania.  They are both working on similar interests but did not know of each other.  They will now work on collaborating on projects together.  Mike received the non-profit scholarhship.  Click here for more info

Jazmin Jelah – Shining Seas Imports.  Orange County, CA Jazmin is working with a farmer in India with his Moringa production.  Click here for more info

Gabriel Beltran – Moringa Educator in Training, San Diego, CA. – Gabriel works in the school system educating children on organic gardening practices.  His knowledge of Moringa now can be integrated in his work. He received the student scholarship.

Monique Bowen – Leucadia, CA. Monique is a landscape designer and has integrated Moringa into her work.  She also has participated in the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham on soil improvements.  This is the crucial work to implement practices to improve and repair our soils.

Blanca Price – Temecula, CA.  Project TBD – Blanca works for the City of Temecula and has also been working with Dr. Elaine Ingham’s soil work.  She is on the path to become a certified Moringa Educator.

Vijayanand Ramanunny – Los Angeles, CA – Vijay has been called to this work.  After attending a conference of international leaders, he began to ask himself what he can do to help others.  Moringa became his path from this opening.  He is still determining what the specific project will be and remains open to the calling.  His wife prepared delicious Moringa foods with the seed pods for us to try.  Delicious!

Chris Mahuron – Palm Springs, CA Project TBD – Chris is stil seeing the unfolding of his Moringa project while he balances his family life.  We look forward to see how we can involve him with our projects in the desert areas.

Joy Carley Skidd –  See above

Santos Blancos – See above

Jorge Catalan – See above

July, 2015

July 2015

                                                                           Course Participants & Project Updates




Kate Dixon – Portugal. Growing Moringa in Angola, Africa. Kate is a landscape Architect working in Portugal.  Her passion for Angola has brought Moringa to an orphanage where they will now have access to all of our teachings to grow Moringa for themselves and potentially as a cash crop.  She leaves in October for Angola to implement what she learned with us.

Adrian Lievano – Miami, FL.  University of Pennsylvania.  Everwatersco- Kenya.  Adrian and Matt (below) are engineering graduates and have received the University of Pennsylvania, President’s Engagement Prize.  Their project is to create a Moringa water filtration system.  By attending our course, they realized how much they will need to know to support the community where they will work in Kenya.  They will be seen as the subject matter experts on Moringa. We also were able to connect them to Professor Erdman (see above) and his projects.  They will now be working on  a grant proposal within his university. Adrian is from Miami where another of our students is working with Moringa in the school system (see below). The class will follow his work in Kenya and hopefully, meet him when he returns. This is exactly the kind of connecting across courses, that we see as our new role her at Moringa For Life. Adrian received the non-profit scholarship.  Follow Adrian and Matt on facebook

Matthew Lisle – University of Pennsylvania.  Everwaterso- Kenya.  See above Click here for project update .


Renee Lim – San Diego, CA. -Renee  has been inspired to learn about Moringa because of its natural healing potential.  As a physician, she is looking for another alternative that is compatible with her interest to help others. We look forward to see how her work will unfold.


August, 2015

2015 aug course pic (1024x768)


Kristin Schendowich –  FFA (Future Farmer’s Association) Middle School Teacher, Miami FL.Moringa in Middle Schools

Kristen is taking her Moringa journey with 300 middle school students. Her Agriculture class students are currently growing over 200 Moringa trees to plant around the campus and to take home to plant in their backyards and apartment complexes. They are also working on developing Moringa spice blends from their countries to make food more flavorful in a healthy way. In the coming months they are going to work on worm composting and using Moringa in every day cooking through the food science unit.  Once Kristen is completed with the curriculum, we will make it available for other FFA teacher throughout the US. Our course was customized for her so we could focus on the potential for Moringa in a widespread possibility to teach students across the US about Moringa.

Click here for more info

Ways you can help:

You have, hopefully, seen many Moringa projects underway.  There may be one or more you would like to support or get involved with.  As the clearinghouse for these projects, you can contact us for specific ways to participate.  There are many ways to help.  Here are the ways you can help:

Sponsor a Student:  We offer two student scholarships.  Sometimes there are more students requesting scholarships.  By sponsoring a student, you can make sure that students who want to attend are able to.  The cost of the course is $500.00, but the total cost to attend also includes transportation, housing and food.  We estimate the total cost to be $2,000, depending on the actual travel cost.

Sponsor a Non-Profit:  We offer two scholarships for non-profits or educational institutions.  When there are more applicants, you can sponsor them.  You can also sponsor a non-profit of your choice.  Contact us for those details.  The cost is the same as above.

Buy a Microscope for a Student: Our course covers soil biology.  We are setting up a permanent lab in our shop and will provide the chance for schools to attend our microscope classes as well.  In order to do this we need more microscopes.  Dr. Elaine Ingham, has designed specific microscopes for this purpose.  Each costs $350.00  We will make a plaque to be attached to the microscope with your name if you wish to be acknowledged.

Sponsor a Training: This sponsorship can be our course at our location or a course to take place in another location for a specific group.  Contact us to discuss your idea and interest.

This is another amazing opportunity the Moringa path has brought to us.  We are delighted and honored to work with these people, projects and organization working together to raise us all.