Moringa Helps my Energy While I go Through Menopause


For a year I have no had energy to do anything.  I am going through menopause and nothing has helped.  I have always been very health conscious so it was difficult to accept that I could not function at all.  My energy was so low.  I tried the sample size for one week and it helped right away.  Now I use one pound a month.  I have told all of my friends who are going through menopause to use Moringa.  I have bought it for my sister because she is now pre-menopausal.  She will not have to suffer as I did.  You are providing an amazing help for so many people.  I wish you the best.  I’ll see you at the market on schedule.

Gail P.

Moringa Powder Works on my High Blood Pressure


I have to tell you that I take your Moringa powder for my high blood pressure and it works.  My wife tried to tell me for a month that I should try it.  I drink the tea in the evening every day now.

George R.


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18 Years of Allergy Suffering Gone


Moringa Tea Powder has taken away my allergies.  I could not even vacuum my house because of dust.  I did not notice my allergies had gone until my daughter asked why I never have to sneeze anymore.  The next pollen season, I paid close attention and realized that it was true.  I am so grateful for this miracle.  I have suffered for 18 years.

Kathy H.

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Your Moringa Has Helped my Arthritis

Your Moringa has helped my arthritis.  Every morning I had such pain in my wrists.  Now it is gone and I can do normal activities without pain.  Thank you for  the Moringa Miracle Tree.


Mary D.

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88 Year Old Loves Energy from Moringa


I love drinking my Moringa.  It helps my energy every day.  I keep very busy and don’t get so worn out.  If I start to get a cold, I drink  more and it takes only one day to return to good health.

Jean D. 88 years old

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Moringa Helps Me Live With Fibromyalgia


I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for many years.  I drink Moringa Leaf Powder every day and now I can finally work and lead a normal life.  I ran out for two weeks and my symptoms of extreme pain returned.  It may take a long time to heal but while its healing, I can live without the side effects of drugs.


Susan B.


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Moringa Leaf Powder Replaces Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Medication

I have used Moringa Tea Powder for my diabetes and high blood pressure allemagne viagra.  At my last doctor check-up my doctor said he could lower my medication because my sugar level was better and my blood  pressure was much better.  I told him I had not been taking my medication  When he asked my what I have been doing for it, I told, “I take Moringa now instead of pills.”

Hisako T.



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