New Video! How to Plant a Moringa Seed & Best Growing Conditions

Moringa Flowers

Our Moringa trees produced so many flowers this season.  We are excited to have enough to create a new product so you can also experience the precious Moringa Flower.  Details coming soon!

Here are some of our flowers after drying…


Seed Harvest

This has been a wonderful season for flower and seed pod growth here at the Moringa Farm.  More then we’ve ever had before!  We attribute much of this to the growth of our bee population in the apiary.  The Moringa seed is so beautiful when it’s freshly harvested.  Just think of all the future Moringa trees awaiting their turn.




The Power of the Soil Foodweb

I have been so inspired by the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham.  She has forged the way to prove that we can restore our soils and heal our planet.  Her methods are tried and true by Mother Nature herself.  Dr. Ingham uses her vast knowledge of soil biology to train anyone willing to learn how to repair the land and thereby heal us all viagra original achat. I have learned so much from her and have the power in my own hands to create my own destiny.  Begin your journey to health and healing by joining a class near you or online.  She is proving that having the right biology in the soil can return our farms to the once productive resource they were to feed us now, and into the long distant future.  Together, we will discover the correct biology for growing the best Moringa. She has abundant learning resources available.  Visit her website and begin the journey with us.

Host a Moringa Growers Workshop!

We are looking for a Moringa Farm in a TROPICAL location that would like to host our next Moringa Growers Workshop.  Let us know if your’e interested!  There needs to be Moringa growing for us to work with in the class, and it must be able to accomodate up to 20 people.

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Moringa Growers Workshop

The First Moringa Growers Workshop!

Over the 15 years since I have been growing Moringa, I have learned all the best practices for producing the highest quality Moringa.  This knowledge and experience is so vital these days when more and more people are getting into the Moringa work.  I have seen so many samples of Moringa that has given me concern about how Moringa is being produced.  A friend looking for production quantities of Moringa tested 15 different suppliers and tested all the samples.  None were fit for human consumption.  This alarming outcome has prompted me to train Moringa Growers.  Many suppliers who have contacted me to carry their Moringa supply a Certificate of Analysis.  From the numbers, I know that the product has been treated.  This can degrade the Moringa benefits and introduce toxins.  The best is to know how to produce Moringa so there is no need to kill harmful pathogens.

Who should attend?

Anyone working with Moringa who wants to produce the best quality premium Moringa.

Anyone working in agriculture who wants to start growing premium Moringa

Anyone who promotes Moringa and needs to know as much as you can to answer the thousands of questions people have.

Dates               August 26 – 30, 2014  OR  September 30 – October 4, 2014


Location         Moringa For Life Demonstration Farm, Vista, CA  92084

                        Field trips to our local growers

Cost                $500.00 due upon registration

Moringa snacks, beverages and lunch are included

The final day of training will conclude with a Raising Nutrition Foundation Fundraiser Event where participants will be able to present their Moringa projects and demonstrate their learning.

There are 2 Free positions open to Non-Profits for each session.  3 additional participants from the same organization are half off -$250.00. Only one Moringa Quality Assurance Certification

per organization is awarded.  All participants receive the Certificate of Participation.

There are 2 scholarships available for students.  Email us for details.

What you can expect to learn:

The Moringa Protocol

Soil Building and Pest/Pathogen Management

Traditional Growing Practices

Harvesting Moringa

Drying Moringa

Field Management

Nutritional Impacts of Modern Processed Foods

Product Development – Value added Products for your market

FDA Labeling

Permaculture Principles


Additional topics will be added.  Once registered, a list of suggested reading will be sent in preparation for this intensive.

Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation upon completion.  The Moringa Quality Assurance Certificate  will be awarded once a final project is completed and laboratory testing verifies the quality of Moringa produced.

*We are seeking a site in a tropical location that can host our Moringa Growers workshop. Moringa must already be growing there.

We are so excited for this next venture!  This is such important work for the Moringa world.  Please pass the word along, and email us with any questions!

Price: $550.00

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Farm Tour & Luncheon!

Tour the Moringa For Life Demonstration Farm!
  We will be hosting our first tour of the Moringa For Life Demonstration Farm on August 2nd.  Over the years, we have had many customers ask to visit the farm.  Now is the time!  Mariko will give an intro to Moringa talk, and take you on a tour of our small farm demonstrating the different ways we grow Moringa.  Then we will have the wonderful experience of gathering herbs and veggies from the gardens to add to our light Summer lunch, and of course, lots of fresh Moringa!  This will be a great opportunity to experience the different ways to incorporate Moringa into your meals at home.  Join us in this lovely Summer gathering, in celebration of Moringa and all her Magic!We will meet at the Moringa For Life Shop and carpool up the road to the farm (limited parking)
Location: 2210 East Vista Way Suite #9
               Vista CA, 92084
Date:       Saturday August 2nd, 11:00am-1:30pm
Cost:       $20

Space is limited so register now!


Price: $30.00
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How to Grow Moringa: Instructional Video Series

Before we get started…

This is the introductory video to our new How to Grow Moringa: Instructional Video Series le viagra est il en vente libre.  This series will include, How to Plant a Moringa Seed, How to Plant a Bare Root,  and How to Make a Cutting.  Thank you for watching!

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Moringa Seeds

This is the Moringa planting season.  Our summer was slow to start here in Vista, California but itopen seed pod is on its way now.  We have overcast days most of May and June.  We call it May Grey and June Gloom.  With a whole greenhouse dedicated to seedlings, we are working every day to fill it.  This is in preparation for the bare roots that will be sent next season.  We still have many yearlings, so if you want to have a Moringa Tree bearing amazing fresh Moringa leaf, order now.  They won’t last.  Seeds will germinate and produce several harvests until the fall. If you have a hot humid summer, even better.  If you don’t there are many things you can do to produce a hotter area around your Moringa planting.  Plant it near rock formations or against a white wall for radiant heat.  Create a greenhouse just over you seedling by putting stakes in a circle around the tree and covering it with a clear plastic.  You may have materials laying around that can be converted to a greenhouse. Be creative and have fun.

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Moringa Yearlings are Emerging from Winter Sleep

Optimized-yearlingsAfter a long winters sleep, Moringa yearlings are emerging.  Even though we have such good weather here in San Diego, Moringa still goes dormant.  It still needs the tropical sun hours.  Our season is from May/June until November.  We can keep leaf going in the greenhouses but once the days are shorter than the nights, Moringa will sleep.  Yearlings that are purchased on the website will be sent once they begin to leaf out.  That is when I know they are thriving and will be fully in the growing season when they arrive.  I don’t send them at any other time because I want to make sure your Moringa tree will survive and produce wonderful Moringa.  The root has gone through a winter and has put on a bark.  That bark protects it and makes it hardy to survive the trip and the transplant.  The yearling arrives without the top.  I cut the top just as I am putting it in its packaging.

It is sent off with a kiss and a blessing.

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