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“If we devitalize our food so that insects cannot live on it, neither can we…
Our national strength lies not in the technologies of destruction but in the biology of the creation of life, all of which begins in the fertility of the soil.” Dr. Weston Price

For us to have the chance to feed ourselves without taking from others’ lands and resources, we must rethink our own ability to provide for ourselves.  The production of food is the core of this work.  The current system of mono farming pushes out protein uptake and replaces it with carbohydrate foods resulting with a population of over fed and undernourished people.  Epidemic obesity is our newest health catastrophe.  While Mother Nature’s way of growing food, in a forest, creates fertility and reproduction, our food as factory, does not.  Soil is no longer fertile and the human ‘organism’ has epidemic problems with fertility and reproduction.  At this level and at this rate, humans will be the endangered species on this planet.

The survival of the fittest will be those who are able to get the foods that grow healthy bodies, free of disease with minds that are strong and social behavior that creates community.


Tours and Events

How to Plant Moringa Class and Farm Tour  2018

Free How to Grow Moringa Workshop
and Farm Tour

Hi Folks!

The Moringa season is upon us!  For those of you locally, who would like to learn how to grow your own Moringa, we will be offering a How to Grow Moringa Workshop and Farm Tour each month through the growing season.  This will be an introductory class sharing important information on how to grow your own Moringa.  We will cover how to plant a seed, how to plant a root, and how to do a cutting, as well as many more important details.  Check o the calendar below.

Classes will include planting your own Moringa seed to take home, a tour of the Moringa Demonstration Farm and Moringa refreshments to enjoy.

Please contact us with any questions!


Date:  Saturday  April 28th

Meeting Location: Moringa For Life Demonstration Farm Temecula

Call Blanca Price for address and directions: (951) 837-3432

Temecula CA,

Time:  9am-11am

Cost:  We request a $10.00 donation to cover the cost of planting supplies and refreshments.

Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.

There are beehives on this property

Can’t make it this time around?! Here is our 2018 Calendar for the “How to Grow Moringa Workshop and Farm Tour

  • May 19th 2018   9am-11am
  • June 23rd 2018  9am-11am
  • July 21st 2018    9am-11am
  • Aug 18th 2018    9am-11am
  • Sept 15th 2018   9am-11am
  • Oct 20th 2018    9am-11am
  • Nov 17th 2018   9am-11am
  • Dec 8th 2018     9am-11am

Join our mailing list on the homepage to be notified of future events


Join our email list to be notified of the upcoming 2018 schedule!


We will have a series of classes on Moringa the first Saturday of each month. This Introduction to our Moringa World is a power point with lots of first hand experiences and Moringa  stories. We will cover the history and traditional uses, planting and modern uses as well as the agricultural practices that would benefit from using Moringa as soil and fodder inputs.  You will see projects around the world from some of our Moringa Students.  It is so inspiring to see their hard work in every corner of the world. We will also introduce our newest project, Moringa For Peace.  It is our goal to use Moringa as the ambassador for Peace in the World for all who share this amazing planet.

Free Bemer sessions before and after the lecture. See information below or visit

Saturday, April 7th, 11am – 1pm.
Moringa refreshments will be served – $10.00  donation
Location – Moringa For Life Shop
2210 East Vista Way #9, Vista, Ca  92084



We are so excited about this  new product, the Bemer. It is engineered in Germany and built in Switzerland, an electro magnetic pulse frequency. It improves blood circulation so oxygen and micro nutrients like Moringa and our Hemp Oil get to the cells.

Necessary for your well-being

Without this micro vessel track driving, most of our cells would be denied the nutrients required to function. They would drown in their own waste without the blood flow to cleanse them. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes.
By these, our circulatory system also distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules.
And this is where BEMER devices come into play.

We have been using it with amazing results that we would love to share with you. It delivers the earth’s frequency. There is a bemer mat for horses as well and NASA will be making wearables with the Bemer technology to keep astronauts from getting so sick when in outer space.

Learn more at our site

Free Bemer sessions before and after the Moringa Letcure.

Certification Course

Moringa Family!

Moringa Family!

 2017 Season

We will have 2 sessions, each 5 days long.  The course material is the same but the content does vary depending on who is in the course and what their Moringa project is. There is a questionnaire to be completed in advance so we can customized the course for the participants. The course must be completed for the certification process but not everyone needs to be certified.  People also do our course to become fully educated about Moringa and will never grow it or teach classes. Graduates may attend again for a reduced price, see below.

Location:        Moringa For Life Demonstration Farm

                            Fallbrook  CA

Cost:                $550.00 due upon registration

Moringa snacks, beverages and lunch are included

Moringa Certification Course Session 1

Price: $550.00 1

September 13th – September 17th

Moringa Certification Course Session 2

Price: $550.00 1

October 4rd – October 8th

Price: $650.00

Limited number of campsites available on a first come first serve basis. Cost is $100.00 payable upon check-in.

Graduates of our course may attend again for $275.00. This will also count for 50 volunteer hours toward certification.

Over the last 19 years I have worked out the problem issues of growing Moringa in Southern California, producing premium grade Moringa. I have created a program to certify those who wish to learn my methods.  This Program is also for those who want to be Moringa Educators.  While learning what is involved with growing Moringa, the curriculum also covers everything you need to know to represent Moringa to the world of those seeking health and nutritional benefits from this powerful plant.  This Moringa Protocol is necessary around the world to ensure that all producers of Moringa understand the specific requirements at all stages of farm production that need to be implemented for the outcome of high grade, pathogen and mold free Moringa.

Of utmost importance, is the work to create the soil quality.  As I have said hundreds of times, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the plant”.  This is one of the most important points in growing any food plant.  Each plant has the uptake from the soil that it is capable of.  However, if the specific nutrients are not found in the soil, there is no uptake and subsequently, that nutrient is not in the end food product.

Soil alone does not create a whole Eco system.  Understanding and creating the bigger picture is also essential.  Permaculture – Permanent agriculture, is also a part of the essential whole.  I am a supporter of Restorative farming.  I do not see how we can possibly sustain what we have created on this planet thus far.  I do not want to see this level of pollution to our water, air, and soil sustained.  We must look for how we can Repair and Restore our rivers, prairies, wetlands, forests, and planet Earth to the pristine condition that is the birthright of every living thing here.

Moringa is one plant that offers healing in so many areas of life.  It has the potential to repair and restore much of what has been damaged in our soil, water and living beings of all types.  I want to draw those together who are interested in this mission and create through our common creative work to make of this world a garden as it once was.

The work will also cover beekeeping, composting, vermiculture,soil biology, foods, the works of Dr. Weston Price and Dr Elaine Ingham.We guide your Moringa vision quest in our Moringa Healing Circle and co-creating with nature.

Certification Requirements

Moringa For Life  Growers and Educators Certification Requirements:

  1. Complete the Moringa Growers and Educators Certification Program, 5 -Day Intensive
  2. Conduct a Moringa Growing Project implementing permaculture and soil science principles.
  3. Produce Moringa samples that are then tested in  a US Microbiology laboratory.

Once the Lab test shows that The Moringa is pathogen and mold free and exhibits the characteristic color, smell and taste, The Moringa Quality Assurance Certificate is awarded.

Moringa Educators Certification Requirements:

1.Complete  the Moringa Growers and Educators Certification 5 – Day Intensive.

2.Conduct two Moringa Presentations using the Moringa Power Point from the Moringa Course adding your own slides from Moringa projects

3. Complete 100 volunteer hours.


Moringa For Life Corps Certification Requirements:

1.Complete both of the Moringa Growers and Educators Certification Courses, San Diego location and tropical location

2.Be willing to travel to remote areas to help set  up Moringa Farms, work on Moringa certified grower’s Moringa projects

3.Be willing to travel to inner-city areas to set up Urban Gardens, assist in the Moringa Growers Intensives.

4. complete 100 volunteer hours.

Once you have completed any combination of two projects, the Moringa Corps Certificate is awarded.

Moringa For Life  Certified Trainers Program Requirements:

1.Complete The Moringa Growers and Educators Certification 5 – Day Intensive, San Diego location and the tropical belt.

  1. Apprentice conducting both trainings.
  2. Demonstrate growing Moringa using the principles of the course.  This does not have to be your own farm.  It could be from apprenticing on the Moringa For Life Farm or other Moringa project.
  3. Produce a final Moringa Leaf Powder for testing

Have training and/or experience in one of the following: Permaculture, Soil Science, Intentional Communities, Work in Rural/Farm, Restorative agriculture, or the like.

Once these requirements are met, the Moringa For Life Certified Trainers Certificate is awarded.

Volunteer Hours: The 100 hours can be completed in a variety of ways, at the Moringa For Life Demonstration Farm, Moringa Shop, repeating the 5-Day Intensive or other online project approved by staff member.

Who should attend?

Anyone working with Moringa who wants to produce the best quality premium Moringa.

Anyone working in agriculture who wants to start growing Moringa

Anyone who promotes Moringa and needs to know as much as you can to answer the thousands of questions people have.

Anyone wishing to assist others in their Moringa projects.


for more information follow this link:


One full scholarship is awarded to a non-profit for each course.  The organizations who apply are those who have their own vision for Moringa and plan to stay with the program through certification.  The course completion is only one part of that certification process (See above for the full requirements for each certificate).  The attendee shall be a principle from the organization or farmer who will be certified.  Priority will be given to those organizations with a current Moringa project or plans for one.


One 50% Scholarship will be awarded to a student  who will also be available to help out at various times during the course.  They must be currently in a study, research or farm project.  The areas of study would be in the areas of: Soil Biology, Environmental work, Agriculture, Urban Farming, Farm Education, Nutrition, or other related subject areas.


What you can expect to learn

  • The Moringa Protocol
  • Soil Building and pest/pathogen management
  • Traditional Growing Practices
  • Harvesting Moringa
  • Drying Moringa
  • Field Management
  • Nutritional Impacts of Modern Processed Foods
  • Product Development – Value added Products for your market
  • FDA Labeling
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Vermiculture

Once registered, a list of suggested reading in preparation for this intensive, list of places to stay and pre-course questionnaire will be emailed. There are a limited number of campsites on the farm available on a first come, first serve basis.

We are so excited for this next venture!  This is such important work for the Moringa world.  Please pass the word along, and email us with any questions.

Follow the link to see photos from last seasons courses:

*Please contact us if you have trouble registering


Moringa Education

Mariko holding the three year old Moringa roots!

Mariko holding the three year old Moringa roots!

I have been growing Moringa and making products for 18 years.  In this time I have learned a wealth of information about how to best grow, harvest and process Moringa for the highest quality product.  Along the way many Moringa trees gave their lives. This learning curve is no longer necessary for everyone to go through and many Moringa tress lives will be spared if you can learn from my experience.  I also have solved thousands of issues for myself and others who needed help.  This is why there is so much useful information on my website.  I want everyone to be successful growing Moringa.

I began teaching the How to Grow Moringa Classes years ago to give people hands on experience.  The classes are conducted our Moringa Demonstration Farm or at one of our local growers.  This way, it is easy to see what to do. Seeing Moringa growing in the ground sparks many questions and so these classes offer a chance to learn more than just how to plant a seed.  We also serve Moringa drinks and foods so the versatility of Moringa can also be experienced.

About 4 years ago, I was skyping with someone who had been searching the internet for a Moringa source for his clients’ company.  He bought many samples and had them tested.  He traveled to Ghana where he had heard there were many Moringa farmers.  He collected Moringa samples there and tested them.  After more than 15 Moringa samples were tested, he found that none of them were fit for human consumption. We were both alarmed by this outcome.  I realized I had to do something.   That is when I decided to create the Moringa Growers and Educators Certification Course.  It was not only important to teach growers, but also to teach educators. When I began looking at all the new Moringa businesses on the internet, I found so many sites with claims that were not true or had not been tested.  This happened because the end customer does not know what the product should look like, taste like or smell like.  For many, Moringa is a new and exotic plant.

It is important  for the consumer to learn more about Moringa.  This way,the Moringa on the market that is of very low quality will drop away.

The Moringa Growers and Educators Certification Course is an intensive and is for anyone who wants to learn as much as they can about Moringa.  Some will go on to become one of our growers.  Some will become Moringa Educators who will then teach others. Some will become Moringa advocates or activists. But everyone will know how to tell the best Moringa products from lesser ones.  This knowledge and the demand of the consumer for this quality, will improve the Moringa World.

Thank you for signing up

Thank you for confirming your interest in receiving the Moringa For Life newsletter! Our next issue should be delivered to your inbox very soon. In the meantime, you may want to ensure is added to your whitelist, so you don’t miss any emails from us.

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The First Ever Moringa Shop!

Moringa For Life Vista storefront approach

Moringa For Life Vista storefront approach

Grand Opening September 22nd Noon to 6pm.

Our Grand Opening was a wonderful success. We saw old friends and met new ones. The lectures were well attended and the Moringa Food was fabulous. We are grateful to all who helped make it a success, my family, my husband, my friends, and all attendees.

2210 East Vista Way Vista, CA 92084

Store hours: Saturdays 10am – 6pm only

This day of being open to the public has been so educational and fun. I have had the time to sit with people who have or want Moringa projects all around the world. It is so gratifying to see how far and wide my experience can reach without me leaving home.

Upcoming Classes

Kids in the back officeThe next one will be on Nutrition based on the work of Dr. Weston Price. Go to their website to learn about his amazing and long standing research that inspired the ongoing preservation and message he has for our modern ailments.

We will be open for business Saturday August 18th! For starters, we will only be open on Saturdays from 10am – 6pm. The store will have all our website products plus many other health products that we use and have recommended over the years. We will be introducing our newest Moringa addition to health empowerment, Moringa Spagyric. We will carry a variety of other Spagyrics in our Apothecary. See NEWS for the flyer for the Grand Opening. Classes in Moringa, Somatics and Chinese Herbs. You must R.S.V.P. to reserve a seat. (760) 806-2669

Mariko and kids in the Moringa For Life office

Mariko and kids in the new Moringa For Life store

I am so happy to have three of my four children helping me in this new venture. Lindsey stopped in to help for the opening for family and friends. Mitchell has moved back from Denver and has been working on ideas for new Moringa Food Products. Having been trained by his big brother in fine dining, we are looking forward to what he will bring the Moringa world. Makenzie has grwon up with Moringa and can hold down the store by herself if needed.

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Moringa Shop Grand Opening

!Come to the New Moringa Shop Grand Opening!

Moringa For Life Vista storefront approach

Moringa For Life Vista storefront approach

Grand Opening September 22nd 2012 Noon – 6pm

2210 East Vista Way, Suite 9 Vista, CA 92084

Sample Moringa foods. Sample the first ever Moringa Spagyric, Learn about more health products. Meet others who share your interest in natural healing methods. We will have monthly classes on a variety of health topics. Subscribe to our website to stay informed. Live Music!

Our shop will be open on Saturdays

10am – 6pm. (760) 806-2669

Grand Opening Classes

1pm – 2pm Moringa, The Miracle Tree

Learn about the wide variety of Health benefits, How to incorporate this amazing plant into your everyday foods, How to grow Moringa, Projects around the world are saving lives every day. See how you can be a part of this worldwide effort toward planetary health for people, animals, plants, soil and water. Led by Mariko Gifford,

3pm – 4pm Hanna Somatics

Learning to release pain from Trauma and Stress. History of Somatics and demonstration of easy techniques for relieving pain everyday. Led by William Davis

5pm – 6pm Taoist Chinese Herbs, History and Uses

Introduction to the Chinese method of diagnosis. Consultation and custom herb formulas $40.00 Sign ups from 4pm as well as after class. Led by World renowned Rehmannia from Shaman Shack Herbs.

Limited seating so please R.S.V.P. (760) 806-2669 or

Fee: $10.00 Donation requested

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Moringa Resources

Friends and Work We Love

Elaine Ingham’s: Soil Food Web:

Seed Savers Exchange:

Miracle Trees.  Lots of great Moringa info

Moringa Trees is another site with more Moringa info:

Price-Pottenger Foundation:

Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment:

World Beat Center San Diego:

Mountain Rose Herbs:

Geoff Lawton Permaculture:

Spagyric Creators at Al-Kemi:

College of the Melissae-Center for Sacred Beekeeping:


Moringa For Life World Partners

Moringa World Partners are those individuals and organizations that are involved in educating, promoting and or selling goods and or services related to the Moringa Tree.  Their intention is to make more people, communities, regions and countries aware of the multitude of health benefits of Moringa for elevating health for all beings who populate this Earth. Their activities and policies are founded on the principles of healing the planet from the ground up and by that we mean from the soil up.

Earthonomics Definition:
Earth: this planet, soil, ground.
Nomics: law of the household.

Our newly coined word – Earthonomics – elicits the correct prioritization of resources, activities at home, at work and in the world at large. It returns us to the place where the most fundamental choices about our lifestyle lives, at home. It is our wish to create a ground swell of work toward restorative behavior in all human endeavors beginning in every household, in every family.


ECHO Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization
ECHO exists for one major reason, to help those working internationally with the poor be more effective, especially in the area of agriculture! They have good sound educational programs for teaching people how to grow and work with Moringa.  They carry a variety of our products in their store.
17391 Durrance Road
North Fort Meyers, FL  33917
(239) 543-3246

Trees For Life International LogoTrees For Life International

Trees for Life International does more than just plant trees. We demonstrate that in helping each other we can unleash extraordinary power that impacts our lives.

They provide various Moringa media open sourced for anyone to download from their site to use for educational purposes. A long time supporter of More Moringa in the world.
3006 W. St. Louis
Wichita, KS- 67203
(316) 945-6929

Additional Resources

Pubmed logo - U.S. National Library of MedicinePubMed

Comprised of more than 19 million citations for biomedical articles from MEDLINE and life science journals back to 1948.

Search this site for the latest research on Moringa. Thirteen years ago, there were only 3 studies about Moringa on this site. Today there are many pages of research on all parts of the Moringa tree. This validates the rapid increase of interest in Moringa.

PubMed includes links to full-text articles which may be found in other databases such as PubMed Central or at publisher web sites.

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