Moringa Oleifera Seeds

The Moringa Tree is fun to grow.  The beautiful shade of green is addictive.  When I saw my first Moringa trees, I was so taken by the vibrant color of green.  When the Moringa tree first emerges, it looks like a miniature palm tree.  Though 16 years have passed, I have never tired of planting Moringa seeds. I still love to see the new shoots emerge as the color of green soothes my soul.  We plant every seed with a blessing and a kiss.  We think of the health it will bring to the world.  Our Moringa begins its life in this mindful way.

10 Seeds

Price: $6.00

It is so rewarding to grow your own Moringa. It will grow in many climates other than tropical but it will be a shorter season.  This is a seasonal plant and will go dormant in most areas unless you are growing it between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.  That is the band that goes around the girth of the planet. It needs full sun and well draining soil.  If you only have a warm summer, you can still grow Moringa.  You must begin after the last frost.  Because your season is so short, you should consider ordering the Moringa Yearling.  The Moringa Yearling has already gone through one of our winters and so has a protective bark surrounding it.  This root can be dug up and handled much like a tulip bulb.  Its life force is very strong and can survive shipping. Moringa grows very fast and will give you one or two harvests in the summer, but the yearling will produce leaf much faster than a seed.  For milder climates, you can have up to 7 or 8 harvests before it goes dormant.
The planting season is dependent on your zone. Check to make sure you are planting them at a time when they will flourish and grow.  That means you should have full sun from 8am until 8pm. They will germinate most anytime but unless the weather is right, they will not thrive.

I have tried Moringa seed from many places including, India, Hawaii, Australia, and Nicaragua. The Moringa Seed from Nicaragua has been the best.  They germinate quickly and have a high germination rate.  I still have two barrels of seed from India, not high quality seed.  The germination rate was so low.  I will grind it down to make Moringa Seed Powder so it is not wasted.  It is more expensive than other seed but it is important for me to have high quality Moringa seed for sale.

Moringa Seed has a protective outside hull.  When it first emerges from the seed pod, the seed has wings, they were meant to fly.  The inside kernel has a distinct pattern that is delicate and beautiful. Our Moringa Seeds for sale come with instructions. See the Grow Moringa section on this website for more information.

Many people eat the seed as a high energy boost.  Many have experienced a clarity of mind and better focus.  I eat it when I need to study or focus for long periods of time.  This Moringa benefit is one of the most unusual of all other health benefits.  I know of no other tree with this ability.  Warning! It is very, very bitter and intense.  Not for the novice health enthusiast.

Try this interesting experiment:

First have your guests drink a bit of water.  I’ll tell you why later.  Then give them a Moringa Seed kernel to eat (gently peal the outer hull away).  Warn them that is is a very intense flavor.  They can take small bits but have them eat the whole seed.  The Moringa seed has many flavors and will fluctuate from ultra sweet to bitter to pungent and astringent.  Once your guest has eaten the Moringa seed, have them drink water again.  Have them report the sensation. It is amazing!  I have people drink water first because they think I put sugar or honey in the water. People eat only one or two during an 8 hour day.  Avoid eating the Moringa seed after 6pm.

Once you begin to live with Moringa, you will notice many changes.  Make note of the effects and the health benefits you experience.  We are able to disseminate information to others who are just beginning with Moringa.  Email us with your testimonial so we can tell others. Your experiences will help others to learn and grow with Moringa.

Happy Planting

Please be sure to watch our instructional video ‘How to Plant a Moringa Seed & Best Growing Conditions’ before you order your seeds!



  1. J.R. Woods says:

    I live in southern Illinois , can your seed or plant be shipped anytime or does it need to be in warmer weather ? Thank you

  2. Hi J.R., Moringa is a tropical plant. It needs full sun and well draining soil. It can grow in your summer months but needs to be protected from frost. A freeze will kill it. I recommend you start with one of my yearlings. It has gone through a winter here and so has a bark on the tap root. It will grow faster than a seed. You must keep it in a container and bring it in during the winter and possibly spring. We ship our yearlings when our growing season begins around the end of spring. I will notify my email list when the seedlings are ready to ship. Order soon as there is a lot of interest in the yearlings and we are likely to run out.

  3. Hi Mariko,

    Your work is inspiring and I’m so thankful to have found your website. I live in Vista, CA too, and will try growing the seeds in my 1/2 acre food forest.

  4. Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list. We will be hosting classes and farm tours in the Spring and Summer.

  5. Good morning, just wondering how moringa would fair in Arizona? Would love to get a couple of trees going or shape into a shrub as I heard you reference on Sustainable World Radio. Any information you could give would be great!


  6. Hello
    Im looking to grow this here in San Antonio TX. Is this easy to grow and will it produce plenty to use in my food dishes? Also is it safe or is there any toxicity in this plant whatsoever?

    Thank you so much

  7. Hi,
    i’m Alan from Malaysia. i would like to buy the Moringa Seeds. Can you ship to Malaysia?

  8. Hi, I would like to order some of your seeds. But I would like to know if your seeds come with planting instructions and a growing guide?

  9. Hi Cathy, yes each seed packet has a page of instructions inside.

  10. Hi Mariko:
    I have 1/4 acre hillside in Woodland Hills. Hot summers, windy fall-winter, occasional frosts in winter (very short lived). Most of my tropical plants adapted very well to this climate. I do, however have a gopher problem. I just learned from you that gophers love Moringa roots. I would still venture to plant some in the open and some in containers. I would like to stop by sometime when I visit with my family in San Diego if you are open for the public. Please let me know.

  11. Hello Maria. If you sign up for our mailing list found on our homepage, you will receive updates on classes and farm tours we will host this Spring and Summer. We would love to have you!

  12. Hello Alan, unfortunately we are not doing international orders at this time.

  13. Hello Cindy. Moringa should do very well there in the Summer time as it is a heat and sun loving tree. Depending on the care and conditions, it can be producing leaves for you within a few months. One method of increasing leaf production is clipping the main stock down when you harvest. This will promote more branching out, creating more of a bush. Left on it’s own, Moringa will grow tall and lanky. Moringa is a very safe plant. Even though it has many medicinal benefits, it is a food. You can treat it as such and use it liberally. Thank you for your interest.

  14. Hello Chad. Moringa should do well in AZ in the Summer time. It would need to be protected from freeze in Winter if that is present. It is a sun and heat loving tree. With daily water and well draining soil, it will thrive. When you harvest, you can cut the stock a few inches above ground and this will promote more branching and leaf production. Let us know if you have any other questions, more information on growing Moringa can be found on our website pages. Thank you!

  15. Ola Mariko I live in the Azores and wanted to know if there were any suppliers for yearlinngs in Europe, that you know of. Thank you for your very helpful web site.

  16. Jeanette Collins says:

    How many seeds are in a packet? Also whats the avarege amount per pack that grow? I’d likt to try to grow a few inside my apartment in pots.

  17. Hi Tanya, unfortunately we are not aware of any European suppliers for Yearlings. Good Luck!

  18. There are 10 seeds per pack. The average germination rate is 98% when grown in the correct conditions. Moringa needs long full Summer sun to thrive, it is a topical tree.

  19. I live in New York, so I wanted to know what is the best time to plant and shield the mornings from the cold. Could it be grown in a garbage can and brought indoors during the winter and still survive. Obviously I would cut back the top and branches to keep it at a manageable height. What do you think?

  20. Yes, that would work. The planting time is in late spring to early summer. Check to see when your last day of frost is. Moringa cannot take frost easily.

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