Moringa Leaf Powder Shaker

IMG_4832Moringa Leaf Powder is packaged in a shaker for convenience. It is easy to keep on the table like salt to add to your meals. It travels well to work or school. Tea can also be made using about one shake (about a quarter teaspoon). 100 servings per container!

Ingredients: 100% Moringa Leaf Powder

2 oz. Shaker

Price: $6.00



  1. Toya Williams says:

    Hello All:
    I just placed my order this past Friday 2-17-17 and rec’d my order yesterday evening 02-21-17. I am so happy with how quickly I received my order. I ordered the tooth powder and the moringa leaf powder shaker. I made a cup of tea last night with the powder as well as brushed my teeth with the tooth powder. So far so good. My nephew has been telling me about moringa for about 5 years now and I wanted to try it. I read that moringa is good for boosting the thyroid function. I am excited to see how my thyroid improves after 3 months of use. I am so happy I found this website. Blessings to all.

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