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Elaine Ingham’s: Soil Food Web:

Seed Savers Exchange:

Miracle Trees.  Lots of great Moringa info

Moringa Trees is another site with more Moringa info:

Price-Pottenger Foundation:

Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment:

World Beat Center San Diego:

Mountain Rose Herbs:

Geoff Lawton Permaculture:

Spagyric Creators at Al-Kemi:

College of the Melissae-Center for Sacred Beekeeping:


Moringa For Life World Partners

Moringa World Partners are those individuals and organizations that are involved in educating, promoting and or selling goods and or services related to the Moringa Tree.  Their intention is to make more people, communities, regions and countries aware of the multitude of health benefits of Moringa for elevating health for all beings who populate this Earth. Their activities and policies are founded on the principles of healing the planet from the ground up and by that we mean from the soil up.

Earthonomics Definition:
Earth: this planet, soil, ground.
Nomics: law of the household.

Our newly coined word – Earthonomics – elicits the correct prioritization of resources, activities at home, at work and in the world at large. It returns us to the place where the most fundamental choices about our lifestyle lives, at home. It is our wish to create a ground swell of work toward restorative behavior in all human endeavors beginning in every household, in every family.


ECHO Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization
ECHO exists for one major reason, to help those working internationally with the poor be more effective, especially in the area of agriculture! They have good sound educational programs for teaching people how to grow and work with Moringa.  They carry a variety of our products in their store.
17391 Durrance Road
North Fort Meyers, FL  33917
(239) 543-3246

Trees For Life International LogoTrees For Life International

Trees for Life International does more than just plant trees. We demonstrate that in helping each other we can unleash extraordinary power that impacts our lives.

They provide various Moringa media open sourced for anyone to download from their site to use for educational purposes. A long time supporter of More Moringa in the world.
3006 W. St. Louis
Wichita, KS- 67203
(316) 945-6929

Additional Resources

Pubmed logo - U.S. National Library of MedicinePubMed

Comprised of more than 19 million citations for biomedical articles from MEDLINE and life science journals back to 1948.

Search this site for the latest research on Moringa. Thirteen years ago, there were only 3 studies about Moringa on this site. Today there are many pages of research on all parts of the Moringa tree. This validates the rapid increase of interest in Moringa.

PubMed includes links to full-text articles which may be found in other databases such as PubMed Central or at publisher web sites.

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