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Mariko and Moringa Tree

Mariko with a Moringa Branch

More than 18 years ago, when I was an organic inspector, I began looking for one plant that I could grow that would have the most amount of nutrition. I researched seed catalogs, botanical libraries, nutrition books, health books … I searched high and low. When I came across the Moringa Tree, there was virtually no information about it. There were 4 websites with information about Moringa. I bought a few seed from a catalog and planted it in my greenhouse. My life at that time was very hectic and I soon forgot about that seed.

A month later when I had time again to devote to my search, I found that plants had grown out of control. The thin trees had grown up and around the top curve of the greenhouse and had come all the way back down to the ground. I was amazed how fast they had grown. The color of green was so vibrant and lush. I fell in love with that color and the beautiful graceful leaf pattern. I was hooked. From then on, I have been growing Moringa and making products out of the various parts of the tree. It was slow going at first. I took my plants and products to my local Farmer’s Market. There I began the journey to really learn about this plant. Customers began reporting so many health benefits. In time I began to know so many people who had overcome a wider and wider variety of ailments using the Moringa products. Even though I was the only one in those days with Moringa products, I continued to expand my line and persevered through many years of being the lone voice in the darkness. I have witnessed such a large growth in this industry in the past 5 years. Most of the companies now producing Moringa products began during this time.  Because there was so little information about Moringa, I have had a side mission to educate people about it.  It is very rewarding work to see the part I have had in making more Moringa available in the world.  I have educated most of my competitors.  Some will admit it and some will deny it.  No matter, what’s important is that there are many Moringa Light Workers bringing Moringa to the far corners of the world.  We grow together.

It is a wonderful feeling when our children take up our line of work. I never thought it would happen to me but I have been so pleased that my daughter Sika, has begun working with Moringa For Life. Her life path has brought her home and she has begun making her own line of products. Hers is a very spiritual path that connects her even more to the natural world and so is co-creating with that world. Her products will be a result of her deep devotion and shared energy we have with plants. I am so proud to say that she stands on my shoulders and leaps forward to bring healing richness and clarity to our work. Our shared vision now increases to include her focus and her presence. She has achieved mastery in the traditional Japanese healing art of Reiki. It is the process of connecting directly to pure Source Energy, engaging the body’s natural self-healing power. She brings this healing intention to every stage of Moringa work which amplifies the healing potential of our products. I have learned so much from seeing how she can so easily move through the lightness of being.

My younger daughter, Makenzie grew up in the Farmer’s Market.  She was 4 years old when I began.  She is now working with me in the Moringa Shop and at the Farmer’s Market.  She has so much depth of information when speaking to people  about Moringa.  She has a wisdom seldom seen in young people her age.

My oldest son, Jensen, has created the recipes for the Moringa Herb Blends.  He has worked side by side with me at events talking about Moringa as well as I.  He is an amazing chef with his own path but always makes time to help with my new ideas. He has started his own non-profit called Heroes Like Us, a nutritional program in the public school systems.  I had the honor of attending an awards ceremony with him.  He received the Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Colorado Restaurant Association.  We are so proud of his work.

My younger son, Mitchell, has worked on the farm doing heavy labor and worked in the test kitchen showing me how to make my new line of Chinese Honey Pills.  Trained as a chef by his older brother, he has helped with the production side of making my products.  His attention to efficiency continues to save us time and money.

And my husband, Chris, by my side every step of the way.  He helps in all the practical ways and lets me know when to let everyone take a break. He is our go to person when anything needs to be built or fixed.  He is also the calm voice through any hectic or stressful time.

I am truly blessed with such a family.  I couldn’t have done this work and accomplished this much without the constant support and help they have given me through the years.


At Moringa For Life we focus on high hands, low tech. By that we mean to have our hands in contact with each phase of production from planting seeds and harvest, to packaging the products, to the face to face contact with the consumer. We believe it takes the human hand to heal the human heart. Each process is evaluated with this prospective in mind. We are mindful of having our hands involved rather than looking for mass automation and mass production.

We are a cottage industry and plan to remain so. We believe it is mass production that has taken the hands and faces out of our modern products and so has caused a disconnect from our food, our medicine our society. We no longer have the local herbalist we can go to for our health needs who knows our life, our family, our history. Our lifestyles bring us farther apart with less time to connect and enjoy simple things like breaking bread together and eating local clean harvest in season. To use a term in filming ‘to pull focus’, draws the camera lens wide to see more of the picture, we want to pull focus on the bio region we live in. This enables us to see a bigger and wider picture of our resources. This makes bio-regions more important than borders.

Fast lives, fast food and the fast deterioration of health, family and society has been the norm. At Moringa For Life we intend to live slow, eat slow and regain our health by high touch within our family, our friends, our community, our bio region.

Moringa – The Vehicle

After years of research into the vitamin content of many plants, Moringa was found to have the highest value of vitamins and uses. It is called The Miracle Tree because all the parts are edible and medicinal.  All of our efforts are focused on the widespread use of Moringa as a local food and medicine for humans, animals, soil and water.

Mission Statement

Grow and promote Moringa as a food and medicine for people, animals, soil and water health.


Moringa, The Miracle Tree, also called the Tree of Life, has the healing potential for the planet. All parts of the tree are edible and medicinal. Our purpose is to promote the use and cultivation of Moringa from the local to global. We will develop products from all parts of the plant and create markets for these items. Because Moringa has been utterly unknown in the West, our parallel purpose is to educate the public at large on its benefits and uses. We empower self-healing.

Hands with Moringa SeedsMoringa BranchFlowering Moringa TreeBranches of the Moringa Tree

More Information

For more information on Moringa information, resources, and initiatives please visit our Moringa Resources page

 It’s really important when making personal health decisions that you know our products have not been evaluated by the FDA.