Not All Moringa Is Equal

Our current food production model is a military model.  After WW1 military surplus was put to use on farms by crop dusting with airplanes using chemicals of warfare.  We have been experiencing the war on soil.  Billions of dollars are spent for research on how to kill.  Millions of tons of poisons are spread on our farms. Trillions are spent to repair the damage to our health, our waters, our lands, our planet.

Raising nutrition in our soil is fundamental to all of our life sustaining activities.  Food produced that has the highest levels of nutrition can only be achieved on small farms that can invest in the soil fertility that will promote the production and uptake of proteins rather than the current food factory system that produces carbohydrates. World food production estimates are based on a calorie calculator to feed the world rather than to nourish the world.

We need to move to a food production system that is based on the actual nutrition of the food rather than weight and appearance. The produce department should have the nutrient levels of each item, verifying the true value of real food. The price of food should be based on the nutrient levels, rather than weight. This requires the fertility of the soil to be the main focus of all farming techniques.  Rather than finding more ways to kill pests, we need to find ways to create living soil.  This living soil creates more life in our food and more life in us.

We are at the highest technological advancement of the human race.  And yet there is still death by starvation.  There is epidemic degenerative disease.  Millions die each year of contaminated water even though we have systems to prevent this.

I believe it is because we have not named this level of deprivation correctly.  We are witnessing catastrophic events but do not name them that.  We know how to respond to a catastrophic event and move resources of every kind to restore, repair, relieve , recover and  regenerate what was destroyed.  Nations put aside differences and work together for this common goal.  Barriers come down, borders disappear.  And for that small window of time, we see our humanity, we see our responsibility to help those in need.  But ‘catastrophe’ has only been used to describe an act of God, a disturbance  from Mother Nature,  something that no human could have prevented, so for this reason, we can all work together. The re-defining  of this word ‘catastrophe’ is necessary if we are to put that type of intensive collaborative moving of mountains in place to save ourselves, our communities, our planet.

“We are slow to study the importance of soil fertility to the quality of food, for this is not to our economic advantage in the marketplace.”  William A. Albrecht   Ph.D

Our Mission here at Moringa For Life, is to:

  • Replenish the soil with nature’s ecosystem that has nourished all our ancestors before us.  It is the source of  life on earth;
  • Utilize technology to feed and nourish every living creature large and small and microscopic.  From this foundation all our foods, will nourish us and return our health that is our birthright.
  • Restore our ancestral connection to healing ourselves with food and herbs.

The vehicle for this mission is Moringa, The Miracle Tree. There are few, if any, other plants that can provide as many health benefits as this amazing plant in a single source. The Moringa leaf is highly nutritious, more nutritious than any other plant yet tested. The Moringa Powder makes the nutrition a concentrate. Many people drink Moringa tea daily to maintain good health and benefit from the increased energy. For the areas where the Moringa plant cannot grow, this is a huge benefit. It retains much of its nutritional values if dried and processed specifically. It is always important to drink the powder that may settle to the bottom of the cup. The fresh Moringa leaf has a natural plant growth enhancer. The applications for agriculture are quite considerable, increases in plant yield, animal weight for meat animals, milk production for milking animals, without any toxicity. In fact, these agricultural practices enhance every area where they are used. Moringa Seed Oil also has many health benefits. It regenerates skin cells so can be used for a whole host of skin problems, as well as maintaining vibrant youthful skin. The Seed Cake remains after the oil is extracted.

The seed cake can even be used as an effective deodorant and because it is a coagulant, it can clarify water. This feature is already having a wide impact in areas where there is so much contaminated water. It is estimated that 6 million people around the world do not have safe drinking water. These areas are mostly in the tropical zone where Moringa seeds grows best. Local people could grow the Moringa plant, consume its healthy leaf, extract the seed oil, utilize the seed cake to clarify their water. This is not only sustainable but essential for them to regain their health and food justice.The seed oil also burns clean so can be used as a fuel or for lighting. It is also edible and can be used for cooking. There is no other plant that has such a range of benefits for our daily needs. AND it is non toxic to the environment.

The mega farms and agriculture ‘experts’ have already admitted that they cannot feed our  planet’s population into the future.  They use this fact to fuel the path for GMOs, GEMs, and other Franken methods for food production.  This miracle plant has the potential to replace the harmful toxins and artificial fertilizer  salts that have already caused so much damage and ‘do no harm’.  Even more important, it will improve all areas where it is use.

Our first priority is to repair, restore, and revitalize our  soil to grow the highest quality Moringa as well as other local foods, using proper soil biology.  Following the work and guidance of world renowned soil scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham, we can accomplish this enormous task.  It begins with each and every garden, every farm, every mega farm.  Her work proves it can be done and it increases soil fertility, reduces water use, improves the quality of food and maintains or increases current yields.  This method will also save millions spent on inorganic substances and take toxicity out of farming food.

I am a supporter of Restorative farming.  We must look for how we can Repair and Restore our rivers, prairies, wetlands, forests, and planet Earth to the pristine condition that is the birthright of every living thing here.

This is one plant that offers healing in so many areas of life. The Moringa benefits have the potential to repair and restore much of what has been damaged in our soil, water and living beings of all types.  I want to draw those together who are interested in this mission and create through our common creative work to make of this world the garden it once was.  To do this, we must work beyond borders, beyond research, beyond the box.

Join us on the incredible journey to see how far this rabbit hole goes.