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“If we devitalize our food so that insects cannot live on it, neither can we…
Our national strength lies not in the technologies of destruction but in the biology of the creation of life, all of which begins in the fertility of the soil.” Dr. Weston Price

For us to have the chance to feed ourselves without taking from others’ lands and resources, we must rethink our own ability to provide for ourselves.  The production of food is the core of this work.  The current system of mono farming pushes out protein uptake and replaces it with carbohydrate foods resulting with a population of over fed and undernourished people.  Epidemic obesity is our newest health catastrophe.  While Mother Nature’s way of growing food, in a forest, creates fertility and reproduction, our food as factory, does not.  Soil is no longer fertile and the human ‘organism’ has epidemic problems with fertility and reproduction.  At this level and at this rate, humans will be the endangered species on this planet.

The survival of the fittest will be those who are able to get the foods that grow healthy bodies, free of disease with minds that are strong and social behavior that creates community.