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Learn how to be successful planting Moringa for your home use.  We share our 18 years of experience with you so you can benefit from having your own fresh Moringa.

Location:  2210 East Vista Way #9.  Vista, CA  92084

We will meet at the Moringa For Life shop and carpool to the Moringa Demonstration Farm.

Each participant will take home the Moringa tree they plant.

Moringa Refreshments will be offered.


Soil Health: Hot Compost and Microscope Class

As part of our Moringa Grower’s Certification Course, we teach  Hot Compost/Compost Tea and Microscope use.  These methods are according to the world renowned soil scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham.  Her main associate, Loida Vasquez, will teach both classes. This day is open to the public.  We had so much interest in the Microscope class last year, we had to close the class so please register early.  You do not have to have a microscope to participate but if you have one, definitely bring it. Space is limited.  Join us as we explore the incredible world of soil, and learn how to heal the Earth.
The day entails:

Hot Compost Workshop – Understanding the method, build a hot compost pile, make compost tea. Learn to take a soil sample.  These samples will be looked at in the afternoon Microscope class.

Moringa Lunch – Enjoy a nourishing Moringa meal with a refreshing Moringa beverage.

Microscope Workshop – Set up Microscope, Prepare samples, work with spreadsheet counts, navigate sample and identify micro organisms. Advanced microscope students: email us to sign up for the Microscope Practice class.TBA.

Hot Compost/Compost Tea

checking the compost temp

checking the compost temp

Learn the method of Dr. Elaine Ingham to create Hot Compost soil amendments that restore the health of the soil.  This class will include choosing which types of Compost to use, different types of starting materials, temperatures required, turning regimes, aeration and will include monitoring of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and micro arthropods. Learn how to select the proper fungal: bacterial ratios that will give your plants the exact biology they need to thrive.

Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) is one of the most efficient methods for bringing back microbe diversity. This allows you to eliminate inorganic fertilizers and herbicides which decrease diversity and degrade soil health. You will learn how to set up Actively Aerated Compost Tea. You will learn about controlling conditions such that beneficial organisms will win the day, not disease or pest organisms.  The source of the beneficial organisms is the compost, by definition an aerobic material.  If it is hard to apply compost on your property, then consider whether a liquid form of that compost would be easier.

Learn Microscopy

Learn how to operate the microscope to obtain the best resolution of life in the soil in order to identify the creatures being assessed. Identification of each group of organisms, including beneficial and pathogen morphology, will be covered. A microscope template to convert the concentration of organisms into biomass will be given to each participant (bring laptop). We will analyze the compost tea brewed on-site to learn what constitutes good compost and compost tea on a microscopic level. This day is essential for anyone who wishes to gain “eyes on” knowledge of the soil universe and what really goes on under our feet. Get the necessary training to identify the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes that drive the health and well being of our plants.  We will cover the processes that will maximize biological diversity to get the most bang for your buck and are the most efficient methods for bringing back microbe diversity. This allows you to eliminate inorganic fertilizers and herbicides which decrease diversity and degrade soil health. You will learn how to identify microbes with a microscope and count them using a spreadsheet.

We will meet at the Moringa For Life office and carpool the short distance to the farm.


Cost $100.00

Vista CA, 92084

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