Moringa Education

Mariko holding the three year old Moringa roots!

Mariko holding the three year old Moringa roots!

I have been growing Moringa and making products for 18 years.  In this time I have learned a wealth of information about how to best grow, harvest and process Moringa for the highest quality product.  Along the way many Moringa trees gave their lives. This learning curve is no longer necessary for everyone to go through and many Moringa tress lives will be spared if you can learn from my experience.  I also have solved thousands of issues for myself and others who needed help.  This is why there is so much useful information on my website.  I want everyone to be successful growing Moringa.

I began teaching the How to Grow Moringa Classes years ago to give people hands on experience.  The classes are conducted our Moringa Demonstration Farm or at one of our local growers.  This way, it is easy to see what to do. Seeing Moringa growing in the ground sparks many questions and so these classes offer a chance to learn more than just how to plant a seed.  We also serve Moringa drinks and foods so the versatility of Moringa can also be experienced.

About 4 years ago, I was skyping with someone who had been searching the internet for a Moringa source for his clients’ company.  He bought many samples and had them tested.  He traveled to Ghana where he had heard there were many Moringa farmers.  He collected Moringa samples there and tested them.  After more than 15 Moringa samples were tested, he found that none of them were fit for human consumption. We were both alarmed by this outcome.  I realized I had to do something.   That is when I decided to create the Moringa Growers and Educators Certification Course.  It was not only important to teach growers, but also to teach educators. When I began looking at all the new Moringa businesses on the internet, I found so many sites with claims that were not true or had not been tested.  This happened because the end customer does not know what the product should look like, taste like or smell like.  For many, Moringa is a new and exotic plant.

It is important  for the consumer to learn more about Moringa.  This way,the Moringa on the market that is of very low quality will drop away.

The Moringa Growers and Educators Certification Course is an intensive and is for anyone who wants to learn as much as they can about Moringa.  Some will go on to become one of our growers.  Some will become Moringa Educators who will then teach others. Some will become Moringa advocates or activists. But everyone will know how to tell the best Moringa products from lesser ones.  This knowledge and the demand of the consumer for this quality, will improve the Moringa World.