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New Year Letter

Happy New Year, or as we like to say, Happy Near You!

We are off to an amazing start for this year.  I have been in Germany since January 8th with friends and family.  I was invited by my friend, Jutta, to celebrate in the glory of an award for Excellence in Business.  It was so much fun and I was so proud and happy for she and her husband Detlef for this honor.  I decided to stay longer to have time for family and friends here.  It has taken me back to a time in my life when we lived here and had one of the greatest adventures of my life. I find myself again, on the brink of another adventure.  I have already met with many people here to talk about Moringa. I have even seen one of the products that can be purchased here.  As I expected, it was off color and had only a faint smell of Moringa.  Like so many other places, the customer is not familiar enough with Moringa to tell a good product from a bad one or a very bad one.  It has reinforced my commitment to create an industry standard for growing, harvesting and processing Moringa so everyone can enjoy the multitude of health benefits available.

Last year was a growing and learning time for us as a family and business.  We accomplished so much together and became stronger and more determined to share our home, our farm, our knowledge and hearts.  The feedback has been wonderful and we can see the ripple of Moringa projects out into the world.

I will be home the end of January with only a few days to be prepared to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico with Chris to meet with friends and farmers.  We will be there for one month, from Feb 4th through March 5th.  Let me know if you have family or friends there who we can meet or places to stay so we can be in contact with the local life.

We will set the dates for this year’s courses soon.  Please register early so ensure a seat.  We have limited the course size so everything will flow better.  There is also work to be done in advance so some of the basics are already completed. That will give us more time for hands on activities.

This year will also be the launching of my non-profit, Raising Nutrition Foundation.  The courses will come under this foundation and will allow us to step into a new world of sponsorship.  We will be able to raise funds for Moringa Projects of our own.  The work will include a Moringa Protocol that any country can adopt for use in establishing a high standard for Moringa production.  We will also be able to offer more scholarships for those in countries where this work is most needed but are underfunded.  We also look forward to partnering with other groups to amplify results in communities where we are each already working.

We wish you all the best for this year in all your endeavors that enrich life and living.  Stay light and bright with an open heart and open hand.

Mariko Gifford and Family

Seed Harvest Beauty

We’ve been blessed with abundant seed production this year from our Moringa ladies.  They are just so beautiful!