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Enjoy a free “Olive Leaf Tea” gift with any purchase made this holiday season!  The Moringa For Life family wishes you happy holidays!

Olive Leaf Tea is a pleasant, healthy, and refreshing beverage with many uses.  These are some amazing health benefits of Olive Leaf:

building bone

anti-viral and anti

bacterial properties

antioxidant effect

anti-inflammatory properties

lowering blood pressure

fighting cholesterol

strengthening the immune system

helps fight against cold

*only while supplies last

Session 2

Moringa Growers & Educators Certification Program!

2017 Dates Scheduled!

Session 1: September 13 – 17

Session 2:  October 4 – 8

 If you are interested in becoming a Certified Moringa Grower,  Educator, or Volunteer, follow the link below.

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A recent arrival of Seed Saver Seeds!

We are great supporters of Seed Savers Exchange, and we want to share this truly wonderful and important company with you!  Please take a few moments to follow the link to the website and learn more about their deeply important work!

Seed Savers Exchange!

“Our mission is to conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants”.

Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera


What is Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera, commonly called the ‘drumstick tree”, and ‘horseradish tree’ is native to India but has been planted around the world and is naturalized in many countries. Moringa is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plants yet known to man. While many things found in Nature can have one or two health benefits, Moringa has so many. Moringa has more nutrition in the leaf than any other plant yet known.

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Gram for gram Fresh Moringa leaves contain:

  • 7 times the vitamin C in oranges
  • 4 times the calcium in milk
  • 2 times the protein in milk
  • 4 times the vitamin A in carrots
  • 3 times the iron in spinach
  • 3 times the potassium in bananas

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