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How to Grow Moringa: Video Series Introduction

This is the introductory video to our new How to Grow Moringa: Instructional Video Series.  This series will include, How to Plant a Moringa Seed, How to Plant a Bare Root,  and How to Make a Cutting.  Thank you for watching!

Learn How to Grow the Moringa Miracle Tree

The Moringa For Life Way

It has been an amazing and rewarding journey working with Moringa, the Tree of Life. Through the years, I have learned how to be successful growing the Moringa tree. From this experience, I have taught so many people. There were no websites with Moringa products or the Moringa plant when I began 16 years ago. Almost everyone who now has a website with information, products or both has learned directly from me or indirectly through my website, documents, articles or videos. That in itself is an amazing feeling. I continue to teach others so we can all have food security by growing your own Moringa tree. While Moringa is easy to grow, there are many things to know before you begin. Most important is to know what your growing season is.

Moringa is a tropical plant. It grows best between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. If you look at a map of the world, you can find exactly where that is. It is the tropical band around the girth of the planet. If you live north or south of that band, your growing season will be shorter. The farther away you are, you will have an even shorter season. Moringa can take a slight frost for one or two days but will die if there is an extended cold. It will die in a freeze. Those areas where the weather can get a frost or freeze should have your Moringa plant in a container and protect it during cold weather.

Through the years, I have learned many important lessons with Moringa. Patience is by far the most important. I have learned to wait for the season to begin and let the Moringa plant leaf out when they are ready. Yes, I have tried to rush it. I have planted far too early and far too late. No matter what I wanted, Moringa has its own timing. Here in San Diego, I have learned from experience that our season begins when we have had 6 straight days of full sun. That may seem easy to accomplish. It isn’t. We call the month of May, May Grey and the month of June, June Gloom. Both months may have many days of full sun all day but there must be 6 days in a row. The sun should be shining bright from 8am to 8pm. That is when the growing season really begins for us. For you, it may be different. You must learn when your Moringa season begins. If you plant too early, the seedlings will come up but will not thrive. You may loose many Moringa seeds this way. If you wait too long, your season may be over before your Moringa tree has had a chance to thrive. It may not survive the winter.

Moringa has a tap root. That means that the root system looks like a carrot. The roots do not branch out. The tap root can split into two or three sections and have small feeder roots, but they will never resemble branching roots like tomatoes or oaks.

The role of tap root trees in nature is to break hard pack soils deep down and bring up minerals and vitamins that feed shallow root systems. This makes the Moringa plant very important in Permaculture systems. And food forests The tap root does not compete with shallow branching roots so they can be easily planted together. Moringa benefits other plants by bringing nutrients up from deep in the earth to shallow roots that cannot grow that deep or break up hard soils.

Moringa benefits other plants in many ways. The new leaves have a natural growth enhancer which is high in nitrogen. This nitrogen can also feed other plants nearby. We make a juice out of the new growth, dilute it and use as a fertilizer. The Moringa juice should be sprayed on plants early in the morning when dew is still visible, when the birds begin to sing, drawing the dew and Moringa juice inside. Imagine that the fertilizer used for all plants was this healthy, with no toxicity, something you could drink and also be nourished.

The Moringa tree has the ability to uptake the largest range of nutrients than any other plant yet tested. This rare ability gives Moringa its nick name, the miracle tree. This unique ability is only possible when those nutrients are in the soil.

We work with Dr. Elaine Ingham on soil fertility. Life in the soil is our life connection. Locate the movie, Symphony of the Soil. You will never look at soil the same again. There is a distinction between soil and dirt. Soil is teeming with life and living micro organisms. Dirt is not. Many agricultural practices sterilize the soil. This is killing the life and the life giving nutrients. Most soils at garden stores are sterilized as well. Organic practices can kill micro organisms in the soil. Though I was an organic inspector before the USDA lowered the standard, I am not an advocate for organic farming. I am an advocate for real farming. When the soil has the proper micro organisms, the food produced is real food. Only real food has all the nutrients from Mother Nature. We follow Dr. Ingham’s practices for the highest quality soil possible. See her website at You can also see many youtube videos of her work.

We make our own Hot Compost and Compost Tea that we apply to our Moringa plants. We also use Permaculture principles in designing our farm, but also in creating our forest food and edible landscaping. Our vermiculture production supplies us with nutrient rich worm castings which we use in our soil mix as well as worm casting tea for fertilizing. The Moringa For Life Apiary is responsible for the recent seed production that we have not had before. We are so grateful for the bees’ sacred and co-creating work with Moringa. We use the lunar calendar when deciding when to plant and harvest. The Moringa Healing Circle is a special place for us to vision quest and co create with nature.

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How to Grow Moringa: Instructional Video Series

Before we get started…

This is the introductory video to our new How to Grow Moringa: Instructional Video Series le viagra est il en vente libre.  This series will include, How to Plant a Moringa Seed, How to Plant a Bare Root,  and How to Make a Cutting.  Thank you for watching!

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