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Moringa Yearlings are Emerging from Winter Sleep

Optimized-yearlingsAfter a long winters sleep, Moringa yearlings are emerging.  Even though we have such good weather here in San Diego, Moringa still goes dormant.  It still needs the tropical sun hours.  Our season is from May/June until November.  We can keep leaf going in the greenhouses but once the days are shorter than the nights, Moringa will sleep.  Yearlings that are purchased on the website will be sent once they begin to leaf out.  That is when I know they are thriving and will be fully in the growing season when they arrive.  I don’t send them at any other time because I want to make sure your Moringa tree will survive and produce wonderful Moringa.  The root has gone through a winter and has put on a bark.  That bark protects it and makes it hardy to survive the trip and the transplant.  The yearling arrives without the top.  I cut the top just as I am putting it in its packaging.

It is sent off with a kiss and a blessing.

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Moringa Growing Instructions

open seed podMany people call with questions about growing Moringa.  Once upon a time, I was the only one who had seeds so I  answered everyone’s questions. Now there are many people who sell Moringa seed but they don’t seem to have any experience growing Moringa so they don’t include growing instructions.  I receive many calls from people who have other seed expecting me to be able to tell them how that seed will perform.  Many people also think that all seed are the same so I must be able to predict how their seed will grow.  I have tried many seed sources because I cannot grow the seed in my zone.  I now get my seed from Nicaragua.  It is much better than the seed I have gotten from India.  In general, seed is only viable for 3 – 5 years depending on the plant.  When buying seed always find out how old it is. Ask for growing instructions.  If the seller does not have them, they may not know enough about Moringa to help you if things go wrong.

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Moringa Tea Bags Have No Nutrition?

Bulk Moringa Leaf Powder - Biodegradable Bags - Half Pound and One PoundIt is so unfortunate that. Dr Oz has missed the opportunity to educate people about the importance of eating Moringa Leaf as a whole food.  Instead he told his audience to use the Moringa Tea Bags.  As with all foods, you get all the nutrition if you eat it as a whole food and not in parts or dilutions.  In order to get all the nutrition from Moringa and all the Moringa health benefits, you should  eat or drink the leaf  powder.  Moringa tea bags  gives you the flavor of Moringa but may not provide all of the vitamins which can be fixed in the leaf.  It would be like soaking a steak in water and drinking the water in order to get the protein and calcium.  So if you have Moringa Leaf Tea Bags, cut the bag open and make your tea with the leaf powder.  Be sure to stir the leaf powder as you drink because the leaf powder will settle to the bottom.  If your tea bag has loose Moringa leaves, steep them and then eat them.

Moringa tea bags were sent to me by a producer to see if I would carry them.  When I opened up the tea bag, I found twigs and rubble.  None if it was from any part of the Moringa tree.  If you don’t know what Moringa looks like, you won’t know when you get tricked.

Since writing this original article, I have had one persistent person insisting that tea from Moringa Tea Bags has the same amount of vitamins as eating the whole leaf powder.  I would like to believe this is true and am willing to be wrong if I can find any evidence, but I haven’t. I have altered the article so the consumer can make the choice of which information they believe on the vitamin and nutritional content in teas. I would make a lot more money if I put my Moringa Leaf Powder in tea bags.  But I don’t believe that the customer would get the full spectrum of health benefits.

Moringa Tea Benefits

More that 16 years ago, I began to grow Moringa trees. Once there was enough leaf to harvest and process, I began to take my wares to the local Farmer’s Markets. My first product was Moringa Tea. I made two varieties, one with Moringa dried leaf alone and the other with fennel. At the end of the markets, I would have lots of the used leaf. After just a few times, I realized that the bulk of the nutrition of the Moringa leaf was being thrown out. Steeping the leaf for conventional tea was wasting the nutritional powerhouse of Moringa. I decided to grind the dried leaf down to a fine powder and make tea from that. It was a bit unusual for most people. The leaf powder does not dissolve in water so there is always a sludge at the bottom of the cup. I had to always remind my customers to swirl and drink, swirl and drink, like fine wine.

From my mother’s culture, making tea is an art. The tea used in the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony is a powdered tea called matcha. It looks very much like Moringa Leaf Powder but very bitter. I even began to carry the same utensils used for the Japanese Tea Ceremony because they work very well for stirring Moringa Leaf Powder.

Most of the Moringa tea industry has embraced the leaf powder instead of the loose leaf. It is my opinion that there is more nutrition in the Moringa Leaf Powder than in the loose leaf tea bags. When you steep the Moringa tea bag and then throw it out, you are throwing out nutrition. But when you drink all of the Moringa Leaf Powder as a tea, nothing is wasted.

Drinking Moringa tea is one way to add Moringa to your diet.  The simple ritual of making tea can be very calming especially if you follow simple gestures.  It is very involved to learn the Japanese Tea Ceremony but you can create your own version that is fulfilling and will help you to slow down from the rush of daily life.

When we slow down our pace and focus on a small and gentle activity, it reminds our spirit that there is enough time for everything.  Find a place you can set your tea making utensils together so you can see them and be reminded to sit a few moments and enjoy a cup of tea.  You may want to go to an antique store or second hand store to look for unusual or old tea making things that delight you.  I use wooden trays a lot to place things together.

Many years ago, I traveled to Japan with my mother.  We met an old friend of hers at a hotel gift store.  She told me later that her friend watched me very closely to see what things I picked up to look at closer.  He saw my interest in a small ceramic eggplant with a removable top.  He bought it and had it delivered to my family’s home.  I use it now to store my Moringa Leaf Powder at my tea table.  It always reminds me how special small gestures can be. On my tea tray is also a beautiful iron tea pot from my husband, Chris, my favorite tea cup set of a Claude Monet design, Water Lillies, sometimes a rose, sometimes sweet peas. I use a small  spoon in the shape of a heart a dear friend gave me years ago when she visited from Germany. It brings her into my tea ceremony when I make my cup of Moringa tea.  In this small way,  we can travel around the world and remember our friends no matter the distance.

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The Moringa Growing Season Begins

Mariko growing MoringaSpring is the time of year I get itchy fingers to start planting Moringa seeds.  It’s really too soon for us here in San Diego.  This year I had so much to do with the new website that I let the planting date wait.  The seedlings are starting to leaf out in the greenhouses.  With longer days, they are getting ready for the summer.  Customers who have pre ordered their yearlings will be notified soon that they are being sent.  We will be adding a new grower next week so there is lots of preparation going on.  I always start seedlings that will be sold in this season at the shop and at the Farmer’s Market.  They cannot be shipped as they do not have the bark on the root which makes the more hardy. This preparation requires soil to be prepared, compost to be woken from the winter sleep and worm tea to get prepared.  I love this time of year.  Stay tuned for the planting video I will make this summer.

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