Moringa Helps my Energy While I go Through Menopause


For a year I have no had energy to do anything.  I am going through menopause and nothing has helped.  I have always been very health conscious so it was difficult to accept that I could not function at all.  My energy was so low.  I tried the sample size for one week and it helped right away.  Now I use one pound a month.  I have told all of my friends who are going through menopause to use Moringa.  I have bought it for my sister because she is now pre-menopausal.  She will not have to suffer as I did.  You are providing an amazing help for so many people.  I wish you the best.  I’ll see you at the market on schedule.

Gail P.


  1. Tooth powder I swear by it!! Have had the start of gum disease Dentist told me would have to treat with extensive antibiotics and didn’t even know it that would work. Have been brushing with Moringa two times a day went back to the dentist and said it is healing and I should keep up what I am doing at home. Iam soooooo pleased

  2. Yes, once people use the Moringa Tooth Powder, so many dental issue clear up. We will be introducing a toothpaste soon. Stay posted

  3. Arpell Haggins Jr says:

    Amazing! Moringa is a powerful tree plant! Been taking Moringa leaf powder since last year! I developed a allergic reaction to dogs and sadly I’ve loved dogs since a child! I’m 22 now and I first found out I was allergic by my aunts American Bulldog once it got older because when it was just a puppy I was never allergic! but noticed one day I came over and started playing with him, he licked my face and everything! and about 30 minutes later…Nothing! I was cured! Thank you Moringa!

  4. Hi Arpell, Another success story. Moringa is so amazing. Thanks for the story

  5. Where one can get these Moringa products

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